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Construction Delayed Our Installation - Loss of Job

Joining in

We arranged an installation date, we cancelled our rental property, arranged moving vans and time off from work - under the promises of Virgin Media.

We have now been informed our date is delayed by 6 weeks.

After complaining on chat, we were told that the delay is due to construction work at the property - which will be completed 2 days before our original installation date. We were also told we would be given a dongle for internet access, to ensure we don't lose connection.

After spending 50 minutes on the phone with customer support to confirm this, we've been told that even though the construction will be completed before our original date - there is nothing they can do.

And there is no such thing as a dongle that given to customers to ensure internet access.

We've been lied to, and we are now at risk of losing our jobs as we are remote, have no way to access a cafe, friend, or similar internet connection. And our jobs require high speed internet access.

This has been the most stressful process - we are extremely disgruntled and are completely lost as to what to do.
We can't afford another provider, nor mobile phone tethering.

We're at serious risk of losing our jobs as a result.


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I have customer services with me now, who told me to buy a dongle from Virgin Media's website, and submit the bill to them for a maximum of £40

There are none on the website, and despite asking for this in writing, there's no evidence.
Call: 0800 052 1734, at 5:07pm GMT.

Alessandro Volta

Sadly yours is a familiar story on here.

You should be eligible for compensation for the delay but keep detailed notes as you go along in a timeline format with accompanying evidence of comm's as VM frequently tries to dodge or reduce pay-outs

The VM dongle (when it has been mentioned here in the past) has been reported to be hard to come by and not very good speed/coverage.

Others in a similar situation have opted to get their own mobile data SIM on a monthly contract and a hotspot device (using a suitable provider that gives good coverage at your location)

Some have opted to get an Openreach connection installed on a rolling monthly contract until VM eventually installs. There is a higher upfront cost to the installation but you are committed only to a 30 days rolling contract. Now Broadband has been mentioned on here before by others in your situation but you need to do your own research and look at all options to see what is most suitable for you.

Alessandro Volta


@goslow 's advice is correct.

You should bear in mind that even the new date you have been given is only an estimate and it could be delayed again.  If an Openreach supplier can connect you quicker that may be a more sensible choice. 



- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Alessandro Volta

expect nothing from VM and you wont be disappointed - you have seen the level of CS help - BS - lies and generally hopeless - that sums them up - you need to look at whats possible elsewhere - look at a 5g network - 3 is good if you are in one of there areas - £25 a month on a 30 day contract - i ran their modem/router and consistently got 250 down 50 up - a friend gets 500 down 150 up - its all down to your location and the position of the modem

going back to VM you cannot rely on a word they say - the dates you have are plucked out of the air and are likely to change - the construction work excuse is just one of many - they have no idea but it sounds like they do so many just accept it as they assume the CS people are on the ball - sadly thats so far from the truth its laughable


Sacked VIP

Thank you, sadly there is no 3/4/5g in the area. No three mobile, or three 5g broadband.
We are quite literally with zero internet.

We have handed in our tenancy notice, have no way of cancelling our new contract, and are now locked into a new home with no internet, cafe, friends, or choices.
We're completely lost.

Alessandro Volta

Is there no existing landline at all? 


- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.


Despite asking for all this in writing, regarding the dongle, the representative once again failed to supply any written documentation.

It's all lies to get us off the phone.

After explaining that Virgin Media doesn't sell dongles, that you have no idea how much they cost, or how much I'm limited to in terms of data per month, they can't make that promise - she didn't seem to care.

I'm stunned to be honest.
Clearly operating with no regard for truth, clarity, or reason.

Alessandro Volta

@jpeg1 and @-tony- have summed up the reality of how VM operates. The 6 week wait may be a minimum and may well be a lot longer so you should start making some other plans to get connected in the meantime.

VM tends to operate in and around urban areas so it is unusual that you have no corresonding mobile options whatsoever at your location. Are you in some remote rural location which has no mobile coverage or some other reason for no mobile signal?

If mobile is not an option then you should start looking at Openreach alternatives for an interim connection. The Openreach checker should tell you what kind of services you can get

although Openreach only provides the infrastructure to other service providers (not to individual domestic customers) so the checker would only tell you what kind of services you might be able to get from a residential provider.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@CWOnline wrote:

Thank you, sadly there is no 3/4/5g in the area. No three mobile, or three 5g broadband.

Even if VM did supply a dongle, if your area has no mobile signal, it's not going to work anyway?

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