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broadband down- no hope in sight!

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1.5 weeks without broadband. 9 calls to customer support. 3 engineers booked. 1 turned up and did nothing. 2 cancelled at last minute without warning. Compensation offered a fraction of the mobile data used and costs of having to commute into office. Every time I call am given the same info - except with a brand new exciting date it will be 'fixed by. Literally renewed my contract 2 weeks ago and now this. Seems hopeless to trust anything we have been told about anyone actually dealing with this


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Keep phoning Area faults on 0800 561 0061 for status update. If there is an area fault all technician's visits are cancelled. This is what probably happened in your case. The compensation is agreed by the government. You only have a residential contract with no SLA.

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Understood - but this does not account for callcentres repeatedly booking technicians and claiming they will fix the issue, when there is an acknowledged area fault. Additionally, cancelling technicians last minute and threatening me with a fine if I am not available is also not acceptable. Repeatedly inventing dated when the issue will be fixed, and failing to update the service page (it rarely shows faults in the area). Finally- one can be aware of the details of the contract and still expect that a company would do the bare minimum to compensate customers - it's called good service.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

It is worth checking the service status number, which covers faults down to individual cabinet level that the website does not. Intermittent failures & SNR issues are difficult to trace, so can take some time to fix. The offshore call centres (which most of us hate) will do anything to fob you off & get on to the next call.

If you have no Broadband &/or Phone (it doesn't cover TV) you are due daily statutory compensation if the interruption is total & continuous for more than 2 working days. 

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