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When I Play on XBox Connected via Lan, My Ring WiFi Camera Always Disconnects!

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As above. I'm on the 1GB service, but every time I play online, my Ring camera loses internet connection and only reconnects when I log off Xbox. I have the Hub 4 and even though I upgraded to 1GB, I was told there is a shortage of the newer routers that new customers are given. So I didn't get one at the time of ordering.

The ring camera is connected via wifi. The xbox and tv via Lan cable.

Any help or advice would be great, because webchat is disgustingly slow.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey studio500,

Welcome back to the community and thanks for taking the time to post. I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your connection at the moment, thats a strange one as the Xbox and TV are connected via a Lan cable. I have looked further into this and cannot see anything with your connection that would be causing the issues as the power and SNR levels are as they should be for a stable connection. Does your WiFi camera show what strength of connection that is has at moment? Is this the same all of the time?

Kind Regards,