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Tapo camera

Joining in

I have a Tapo C200 camera. It’s working on local mode only. I’ve tried all the steps to fix it apart from changing the DNS on the router but it appears this isn’t possible. Does that mean I’m stuck only being able to see it when I’m within WiFi range? If so can anyone recommend a security camera which does work & can be viewed out with WiFi range. 


Alessandro Volta

To access the camera remotely you will need to open one or more ports on the Hub, or on your own router if you use one.  The camera instructions should tell you which ports are needed.

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Fibre optic

@Bekamum wrote:

can anyone recommend a security camera which does work & can be viewed out with WiFi range. 

I highly doubt the fault is with the camera. What you need is a better router, preferably one with good VPN functionality if you want to access your local network devices over the internet.



Check  Child Safe & Virus Safe are both disabled in your VM Online Account

Setup "Away Mode" for the camera.


Hi, I have two Tapo C200 cameras and I’m able to see both of them while I’m away and using mobile data. What issue are you having exactly? Aren’t you able to see the cameras while you are out?

Tried that but it’s still showing as local mode only

No. I can only see the camera when I’m connected to the same WiFi it is. I can’t see it using mobile satay

Unfortunately it doesn’t mention which ports to open, just the dns


For commercial products that the general public are expected to buy and use, Port Opening and DNS changes are normally a total distraction from following the installation / configuration processes to the letter.