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SuperHub 3 Solid Red Light

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Our Superhub 3.0 has been showing a constant solid Red light for months now. At first there were no connection issues so I just left it. However my wifi connections are very temperamental now and some things do not connect at all. Checked online forums and keep seeing that this may be an overheating issue which can affect performance. Hub feels a little warm to the touch but certainly not hot and it is not in Modem mode. I have telephoned Virgin Customer Services multiple times trying to maybe get a replacement hub or an engineer visit but I keep getting fobbed off with "just reboot the device and wait 24hrs" which I have done god knows how many times. My Wife is starting to worry about it catching fire through the night now though, especially with us having two small children, so I am having to switch it off till morning. Surely something can be done?? Any advice or solutions would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi @martinsands


Thank you for your reply and sorry to hear about your issue.


I am going to drop you a private message now to confirm some more details so we can have this resolved for you. Please keep an eye on your inbox for a message from myself.



Forum Team

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Hello, I was very pleased to find this thread.

Like the others, my hub three has started to show a solid red light. I've tried the fixes suggested without any change. Everything seems to be working fine and it doesn't feel overwarm. It is upright, well ventilated and out of direct sunlight.

Overheating is obviously concerning so could someone please help.

Good Morning @PCKlein, thanks for your post on our Community Forums, and a very warm welcome to you!

Sorry to hear of the solid red light on the router.

I see that one of my colleagues has picked this up for you. 

Any further issues on this matter, do please feel free to reach back out to them via that thread.

Updates are of course welcome!

Kindest regards,


Thanks David. Your engineer came this afternoon and swapped out the router. One happy customer!

Mine is the same ; it was only installed yesterday ; was originally showing an orange/yellow light , until I logged in via the IP address and put it into modem mode , after it settled down the light was solid red .

The unit is not overheating , is barely perceptibly warm to the touch and everything is working fine ; although installed in my comms cabinet it has 75-100mm free space all around and both front and back doors are removed , so ventilation is not a problem .

I have no particular concerns about mine , but will continue to monitor it .

This is my setup here , plenty of airspace around the hub , and both front and back doors removed from the cabinet . 

The light , even if it looks orange in the pictures , is solidly red , but the hub is truly not hot to the touch .

I'm not using it for wi-fi as that is taken care of by my Apple Airport extreme A1521 ( 6th Gen ) and Time Capsule A1471 ( 5th gen , upstairs ) as well as two Airport express base stations ( for music streaming ) downstairs . 

Other than the light is red , everything appears to be fine . 


Hi @derekheeps, thank you for the post and sorry to hear you're having issues with the Virgin Media hub.

Is everything working okay as it should be apart from the lights, i.e. Wi-Fi / wired connections, speeds, range etc.

Please do let us know, kind regards.

Forum Team

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sortedby vm thanks

Hi , thanks for asking - yes everything else is just fine - speeds are ok and the hub is cool to the touch .

I don't use it for wi-fi as that is taken care of by my Apple Airport devices , and most of my computers are wired by gigabit ethernet .

Other than the light showing the wrong colour it is all fine .

I did perform a factory reset and after that , on booting up I had lights showing green , amber , red , and settling down to amber ; then after logging into the device via its IP address and putting it into Modem mode , the power light turned red .

I'm aware that on one of the later hubs , it is normal for the power light to show red in modem mode .

Could one of the recent firmware updates , which I presume my box did on installation , have made this a feature of the Hub3 also now ? 


Kind regards 

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I have exactly the same thing, the LED on the from of the router used to be a solid white, but the the other day I notice it had turned to a solid red. It all appears to be working normally the router is in a well ventilated spot, it's slightly warm to touch but certainly not hot. Spoke to customer care today they say that they can see that everything is fine and working as intended, although some of the comments on this and other forums would suggest otherwise. The man I spoke to said if I wanted they could send an engineer to test it but if everything proved normal they would charge me an admin fee of £25. 

Not sure if I should wait and see if it reverts to white? Ask for an engineer and risk the admin fee? Or ignore it as apparently it's "fine"