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Port forwarding issue VM can't solve, useless customer service - CHANGE YOUR ISP !!!

Tuning in

This post is to make community aware !!! Stay away from Virgin Media !!!

Long story short (as short as possible): I wanted to unblock port 44158 on my router to be able to use Hellium miner, also wanted to be able to unblock different ports (some gaming server for my child). Obviously it didn't work despite following correct procedure (have done it many times before with different ISP's). I have tried everything including buying new 3rd party router and switching VM router to "modem mode". Still no luck. So I decided to contact VM customer service via phone. This was a nightmare. Hours on the phone with 5 or 6 different reps among few days. First of all : none of them could speak clear English (yes, we all know about abroad customer service but I was with SKY for 11 years and they have as well reps with Asian background - the difference is that SKY reps can speak English - I am not English myself, so don't have any issue with people of a different nationality). Also none of them knew what "port forwarding" is !! Not even tech team !!! One of their geniuses advise to "connect the cable to next port on my router" ??!!! Probably he assumed that mentioned port is physical and I have a router with over 44000 ports on the back (router from his mind would be size of a lorry). Obviously despite explaining myself many times I still had to repeat all from the beginning to next rep I was transferred to. Waiting time ....... you can imagine, probably over 2h only "on hold". One of them finally decided to appoint engineer for me, I was waiting half of the Saturday for mentioned guy who never turned up (later another ace confirmed that his friend rep done this incorrectly, so I wasted half of Saturday). Another day, another call and again engineer visit booked (it was strange to me as engineer normally deals with infrastructure issue not "server issue" but ok, I let them to try). In the mean time I was advised to contact paid service "Geek Team" to sort out issue. Which I have, some guy from them remotely connected to my pc and done exactly same thing I was doing before (with my help as he didn't know where that option on the router is !!?? Probably he was following some manual). He advised that he can't help as it's VM issue and I have to call VM customer service. So decided to wait for engineer to see what's going to happened. Guy who turned up was friendly and had knowledge about infrastructure but not about "port forwarding" (as expected). He advised, that is nothing to do with him and my signal is ok. He also changed the router for me to see if that will help (HUB 4 TO HUB5). Obviously it didn't (since is not working even on "modem mode" new router won't change anything). Engineer was really sorry and said that probably not many can be done as : "VM customer service is useless, he has heard loads of complaints and he is having problem calling them on engineer line as well" I was shocked finding out that I won't get any help as they are clueless, all that said by their technician 😞  I don't like giving up so decided to write formal complaint. I have described all my problems (port forwarding, time wasted, useless, lying and clueless reps etc.). Day after submitting my complaint I have received phone call, finally someone with proper English (rep named Jack or Jake) another apologies and another promise. He said that he came across this problem before and he will pass it to team, who will solve it once for all. He asked for up to 72h patience as they are busy. As you can imagine nothing happened since (he rang on 7th or 8th of Feb now is 29th), no.... sorry one thing happened: there is no sign of my complaint anymore, has been closed and deleted from my acc !!!! (Luckily got a ref number, email confirmation and print screen as a proof). Port forwarding is not working, time wasted on the phone and online, I am ignored but that's not all. One of their rep (would love to call him an idiot but it might be offensive to idiots) decided to add some premium services to my plan (just discovered on the newest bill), he switched on some paid addon for Β£9.99 a month, plus some charge for changes to my plan Β£6.33. Never asked for any additional service, not sure if that is a revenge from one of them or their poor English (maybe instead of fixing my "port forwarding" they understood "I want new addon" - of course joking as nothing else I can do 😞

I have submitted another complaint today, no hopes but need to be able to prove Ombudsman OFCOM that I've tried everything. I don't thing I can solve this problem without OMBUDSMAN help. 

To everyone who came across this post : STAY AWAY FROM VIRGIN MEDIA, go to different ISP might be bit more per month but is worth it !!!! SKY, BT etc - they have customer reps who knows what they doing, they speak English and willing to help - don't waste your time!! Maybe your broadband works fine today but one day it might not and then I feel sorry for you!

There is only one world to describe it : PATHETIC 


yes "closed". Worked for my friend who lives 60 miles away in different town. All settings same as mine. I was doing forwarding for him. He is with VM as well. You are the lucky ones, I am not 😞

Thank you for your input but I think you did not understood the problem. First, you are wrong in terms of breaking terms of service (confirmed with VM) second : I can't open any port as stated before, even for CCTV. Is opening ports for CCTV against "terms" as well in your opinion ? Problem is "port forwarding" not working, it doesn't matter which port. Hope you understand now.

Tuning in

quick update : received call yesterday in regards to 2nd complaint. Nothing about poor customer service and lies, nothing about unexpected charges on my bill and solving this. The only thing lady offered me was email with instruction how to setup port forwarding. Also she advised me that if forwarding doesn't work I need to contact company I am trying to connect to. When I asked to confirm that she wants me to contact CCTV manufacturer because VM is blocking the traffic she hang up on me !! I am surprised that none of you made a single comment about quality of VM call center. Some of you trying to help which I really appreciate, some of you just saying "that I am doing something wrong" but nobody really had a little faith that I am not lying and all is correct from my side. Nobody is surprised that call center is clueless, nobody is surprised that they have send engineer to fix port forwarding, no surprise that extra money was added to the bill. Finally nobody can believe that almighty Virgin Media could make something wrong - are you people hypnotized by them ? 

Waiting now for final answer in regards to cancelling my contract. Will update soon

Alessandro Volta

We are not saying your lying but something your doing must be wrong unless like I said VM are doing CGNAT to which you can have and get a WAN IP but is shared or very unlikely VM have setup the router for like LAN to WAN without NAT only and not WAN to LAN to a WAN IP without NAT.

So connect a PC to the hub in modem mode get this and Wireshark

run a port scan at

also check whats my IP that the IP on PC matches whats on site


Fibre optic

If you want to think the same people giving you the level of support they have would be able to authoritatively state what you're doing isn't against the terms and conditions that's obviously your call.

I imagine they immediately told you on the phone it was fine even though they wouldn't have had any idea either about the app you are using or the terms and conditions.

The T&Cs are clear. Mining Helium is allowing others to use the connection in return for some kind of financial gain hence resale. I'm not saying they'll hold you to that, they may ignore it, just pointing out if it gets legal that you're on shaky ground.

Have you complained to Ofcom yet? They don't respond to individual complaints just FYI. 

Dialled in

As a potential new customer, this thread has concerned me. I will need to open ports in the range 44xxx for my smart devices like RPI's, CCTV etc. I have no trouble with this on Plusnet using my own router, which I'll also connect to the VM hub (in modem mode). So do VM block ports on the WAN side for some customers, hopefully not?! I've also assumed I will need to turn off the VM Web Safe anyway.


Tuning in

Last update :

Finally very happy !! VM admitted THEIR fault !! Apparently they can see a problem but it can not be fixed at the moment. No further details. English speaking lady (landline number was showing London area, so there is UK based call center, unfortunately not for everyone) was assigned to my case after 3rd complaint (yes VM ignored first 2) and incorrect charges were cancelled. Due to the fact that is VM fault I was offered to cancel the contact without any fee - finally !!! Also apologies for incompetence of all people I talked to. It won't change anything in terms of how Virgin Media works and treat customers but at least I am free from it. No acc credit offered to compensate all together 27 hours on the phone, no surprise here but I don't need any money from them. Got my lesson.

I was planning to install SKY but finally went with ZEN. Same price, twice faster, STATIC IP as standard - guess what ? Port forwarding works like charm, tested also with my 3rd party router - all perfect !!! Also spoke to them already in regards to different services etc., - Turns out that customer service can be UK based, knowledgeable, friendly, quick and speak clear English !!!

Conclusion : Nearly every ISP is cheaper or cost same, they are often much faster for same plan. Most of them has UK based customer service with way higher standards and knowledge. What is the point to sign up with Virgin and in case of any problem going through the nightmare with some rep from Bangladesh, India or Mauritius who won't be able to pronounce properly description of your issue not to mention understanding it ?  Rhetorical question in my opinion.

Save yourself potential hassle and go elsewhere, any ISP literally any ISP will be better and most likely cheaper !!!

All the best to all forum helpers......and to VM hypnotized fanatics as well πŸ˜‰ 

Don't want to say that you are wrong, but you are. Both on "reselling tokens" and on Ombudsman services. Communications Ombudsman (not OfCom as I thought before) was extremally helpful, without their help I would probably pay early disconnection fee. Second thing is Helium miner - got no time to educate here - do some google research on this blockchain and it's infrastructure before formulating nonsense like this. Shame that people on forums like this instead of reply to actual issue giving not related opinions. I have described a problem with forwarding (not only Helium, but also game servers or CCTV) and you writing some nonsense about Helium and breach of contract, no word about forwarding or poor customer service. If you haven't got a clue or you have but don't want to share it what is a point to waste time any make unrelated replies. Too much of free time I guess.

All the best to you anyway, not looking for enemies - just wanted to share my story