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No internet -hub 4 flashing yellow light

Joining in

Internet has been down for a day, our router is flashing yellow. A restart gets the light white flashing whilst resetting but then reverts back to yellow flash. 
Logging into the advanced settings (IP address in browser) says internet has registration failure. 
No issues in area currently. 


Trouble shooter

Call this in as a fault.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Rosielm

Thank you for your post and welcome to forums 🌞

How is your service looking since your post? Was this a fault?


Flashing yellow seems to have replaced red on the SH4 since the recent change that also made green in modem mode "all ok" too. Not seen any comms on this though?

Thank you for that information pmd_clock.  

I have taken a look on our side and it looks as though there is an registered intermittent issue in your area. 

This is an SNR issue. The reference is: F010283548 and the estimated fix date is: 06 MAR 2023 15:00