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Kicked Out While Accessing Port Forwarding Page - Hub 3

Tuning in

Hi whoever is out there,

I'm trying to forward a new port for my home server, as I have done many times before over the last couple of years.

As of recently, I've been unable to access the port forwarding page under security for any purpose, such as adding or removing an existing rule. The apparent reason is that while waiting for the page to load (which takes a very long time), I am returned to the login screen, and am no longer authenticated.

All other pages load correctly, even if taking a long time to load. I can log in and try again to access the port forwarding page, however, the outcome is the same as before.

I've tried to remedy the issue by:

- Restarting the Hub

- Waiting for days on end

- Repeating attempts to access, hoping the issue is a fluke

I don't have many clues to work with here, and all forums appear useless with my issue, I'd greatly appreciate any assistance as I'm at my wits' end with this provider.




Alessandro Volta

reset the hub or try your luck with modem mode



We manage the Hub 3 via a network cable to avoid loss ( & being locked out ) of the admin session.