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Tuning in

I currently have connection issues with the Hub4. 
My hub will suddenly drop out and disconnect my devices but then reconnect a few moments later which is very strange. I have tried contacting Virgin help but no one seems to want to sort the problem and I just keep being passed around to different teams without actually getting a solution. I have also tried to connect to the app but that won’t work either as it can’t find my hub, even after resetting it. Has anyone else ever had this issue? 


On our wavelength

Same here  .  The Hub 4 has been playing up   . It took me many hours and luck putting my Hub4 into modem mode last night for my Orbi router and satellites . The problem  can't  be solved  on your end  so don't  let them have  you  believe that . You'll  have to wait for Virgin  to fix their end .


Almost every failed Hub 4 mentions the dreaded VM Connect app ... take a read at this ...

Thank you

Thank you. Just always seems to be blamed for things not working when now it seems that the hub4 isn’t that great.