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Hub 5 and TP Link Deco Setup

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I was advised on here last week to invest in a mesh system and put my Hub 5 in Modem mode.

I have purchased the TP-Link Deco AX3000 and a 8 port Gigabit switch, which is being delivered tomorrow.  A video I watched on YouTube had the Hub 5 linked to the first Deco which was then connected to the switch with the other 2 Deco units connect via ethernet cable from the switch.  This is the set up I would like as we have a 3 story house with brick walls.  Although the video showed how it all "fitted together" it didn't explain how to set up the Deco units. 

I know there is a link on here explaining how to put the Hub 5 in Modem mode but can anyone offer any advice on how to link them to the Hub 5 or how to set up the Deco units in the formation listed above?  I'm not at all sure what I am doing so any advice would be very welcome.



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I've been using a Deco E4 mesh wifi system for over a year and it has mostly been very good and provided better, more reliable wifi than the previous virgin Hub (in modem mode). I recently upgraded to the Hub 5 and set it up in modem mode, as per the previous model. It took some messing around but evnentually I got it work and it has been ok for a few months.

However, a few days ago I noticedsome lagging when my son was on his XBox and I was on a Teams call. I did a and it came back at ~80mbs rather than the usual 800+ on my wired connection. I called Virgin and, after waiting 10 mins to speak to someone, I had a frustrating 90 minute phone call where I was asked the same question repeatedly, had to wait o hold for several minutes (often without explanation so I wondered if the operator was coming back), and ultimatley was told that the router was receiving over 1000mbs so the problem was my end. I complained and was put through to the manager but then had to answer all the same questions and was told the same things. I eventually had to hang up as I needed to go into a meeting.

I used this forum and followed all the advice on things to try, partiularly from jbrennand on the order to bring your equipment up. Unfortunately, this didn't work for me. I then followed the advice that I should be using Cat6 cables instead of my Cat5e cables. I bought a couple for £10 on Amazon and they arrived yesterday. They solved the problem and I immediatley have speeds back to normal on all my devices.

I still don't know what changed for me to have to replace the cables but I'm glad it worked. It would have been helpful if Virgin had brought this up

The Deco E4 has 10/100 (100Mbps) ethernet ports, so you'd never see more than 80 - 90Mbps.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

That shared graph is showing packet loss at the moment (red fringing at the top)  Looks like you have problems on the circuit and these should be resolved before going to modem mode and the mesh.  VM will ask you to use the Hub as a Router anyway when they are checking faults, and will not work with any 3rd party hardware.

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