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Hub 5 & Deco S4

Tuning in


I've recently signed up with VM and have got the Gig1 Volt Fibre Broadband package. 

I have the Deco S4's and wanted to connect them to the Hub 5 and use them as Wi-Fi's (I know I wont get 1gig speed over wifi with these) and I was going to connect my TV, console and PC via ethernet to the Hub 5

Should I put the hub 5 into modem mode and use the Deco S4's as access points so I can get wi-fi around the house and garden and still use the ethernet ports at the back of the hub 5? 

Or if there is a better solution please let me know. 



There are two workable options

1) VM Hub in Router mode  + Deco in Access Point mode. 
The VM Hub Wi-Fi and all network ports will be working as will the Wi-Fi and any network port of the Deco.

2) VM Hub  Modem mode  + Deco in Router mode - all devices are now connected to the Deco by network cable or by  Wi-Fi.    The VM Hub will have 1 network port working and its Wi-Fi will be disabled.

Thanks for that. I think I might just go with option 1. 

Do you know if the VM Hub works like the BT Smart Hub? The BT Smart Hub allows me to turn off the wi-fi without putting it into modem mode. Will the Hub 5 allow that or will I need to put it into Modem mode if I want to turn the wi-fi off on it? 


A VM Hub does allow the Wi-Fi to be disabled in Router mode.

A serious question is why do that ?  When the Hub 5 can provide a free high speed Wi-Fi 6 access point, 
just configure the VM Hub to the same SSID and Password as the Deco for seamless coverage in your home.

In out situation we have a VM Hub in Router mode with Wi-Fi enabled + two Wi-Fi access points,
so a total three points where a device can connect all using the same SSID / Password.

Alessandro Volta

@legacy1 wrote:

I suggest getting a router

TP-Link AC1200 Wireless Dual Band Wi-Fi Router - Speed Up to 867 Mbps/5 GHz + 300 Mbps/2.4 GHz, 4+1 ...

Why purchase an inferior product to the Deco S4, based on the user's requirements?

How is it inferior? one  Deco S4 = the router with more ports it dose the NAT the Deco are the mesh


The OP doesn't have one S4, though.

yes and the router does the NAT the Deco are (as in more then one) the mesh


@legacy1 wrote:

yes and the router does the NAT the Deco are (as in more then one) the mesh

Just use the HUB. No need to complicate matters.