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Having issues every day since being upgraded to a SH5

Dialled in

As above, recently got upgraded to a SH5 from a 3 - now I'm having issues every day with it - the connection will randomly drop out on the incoming side once or twice a day, with a lot of post-RS errors (it's often much, much higher than these which are the current ones):



The wifi is terrible too - it'll often drop the 5ghz network completely and everything will drop back to the 2.4ghz network, sometimes everything reconnects, other times nothing will work until I change the channel back and forth on the router and let it all come back up  (even worse, the channel changing bug where it won't change channel unless you also change channel width and then change it back, is STILL there in the software and that's a bug I reported probably 4-5 YEARS ago, come on, really?!)

Didn't have any issues with the SH3 like this, possibly a faulty SH5? Anyone had similar issues?

I'm also getting awful speed drops, even when the errors on the incoming side stop accumulating, I'll have maybe 60mbps download speed, instead of 1000, and nothing will fix it bar power cycling the router.


Alessandro Volta

Use hub in modem mode and get a better router with 1Gb ports or better


And just how is that going to fix all those errors on the incoming line?


The RxMER(dB) spans from 34 to 42. On one connection that is odd. ( ours are all within 1 dB )

Perhaps check for a fault in your street via  0800 561 0061 it is an automated service.

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All the fault scanner tells me to do is restart the router every time. Which, to be fair, usually does work. Which is why I'm wondering if it's a faulty hub


I expect this is a local service fault. Not a Hub issue.

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Same again, last two nights it's tripped off and errors all over the place.



Hey PhillipM, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear this.

We understand this is frustrating, let me send you a DM and we can take a look into this. 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Thanks Matthew, it 'seems' to have fixed itself over the past couple of days, hopefully it was a line issue.

Dialled in


Spoke too soon, 'nets down again with masses of errors.

@Matthew_ML I can't message you back with details because every time I try I get this nonsense even when my message is just text:


It's incredibly broken no matter what I try to send a reply.