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Cannot register for my Virgin media account

Tuning in

I’ve been a Virgin broadband customer since November 2022, and yet STILL I cannot register for My Virgin Media despite trying everything I’ve read here on the message boards-  when I go to enter my email and continue I get an error code- I have already tried in the app and on numerous other web browsers so this is not an issue with that.

the error code is DFE01 -‘Oops we’ve ran into a problem’. Absolutely ridiculous, I’m just going around in circles.

as it appears impossible to speak to someone online about this without logging in to my Virgin media (rather ironic) I’m hoping a technician will contact me here? Or if anyone has had the same issue recently I’d be so grateful for any tips.



Thank you Tom, to note the Forum staff have been nothing but helpful and I appreciate you trying to push this through for me as consistently as you all have, it is once it leaves the forum and is raised as a ticket that the radio silence appears and I will make this clear as again I have always had very swift assistance on this particular platform- I have PM’d Zoie as recommended,