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Broadband package not showing in app

Joining in

Since upgrading to a volt package, my package does not show under the broadband section of the my virgin media app or in my online account.

Tried speaking to WhatsApp customer service but they didn't understand what I meant.

Can someone help to fix?




Hi Zach_R

Yes, was told that package is all correct on the system and that there are no issues. Clearly there is as the package is not showing in my online account or in app.

I spoke to a number of agents regarding getting a black WiFi pod and the wrong one was still sent... Calling again is just a waste of time, they just want to send an engineer or say they can't help with the Hub 5x.

Feeling that I have no other options at the moment, I've been with VM for just over a month and the experience has been really poor so far.

Hi @curtm

To clarify, they've said that you'd require a technician visit but you didn't want to go ahead with it? If so, why? If the team have advised you'll need a technician visit then it's best that we proceed with it.


Zach - Forum Team
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Hi @Zach_R

Please read my original post it is explained there. They thought I was saying my WiFi pod was faulty and that was not the case.

Is anyone actually going to read my posts thoroughly and help? It feels like I'm wasting my time and going in circles. 

Original WiFi pod post  post

Also not sure how an engineer visit will fix my online account?

We're sorry for any confusion on our part curtm,

Due to the area you're in, you would need to call the team on 150/ 0345 454 1111 and you would be automatically re-routed to a specialist team that can help you.