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netflix charged twice

Joining in

i’m alarmed to discover I have been paying Virgin Media £17.99 for netflix for the past 18 months, despite already having a netflix account which i pay for directly. This means i have been paying twice.

Virgin insists i added netflix to the account myself but this is not the case. I simply selected the app and used my personal credentials to log into it. I don’t have any netflix credentials from virgin media or any record of signing up through virgin media and wouldn’t even know how to do this.  The customer service representative said the very fact i accessed netflix through my streaming box means i have signed up to it and the charges are correct. 

It makes no sense to me and having looked at this forum, it seems i’m not the only one having this problem

Is it right that anyone accessing the netflix app through their virgin stream box needs to pay virgin directly for it?  Have i been the victim of fraud?


Netflix has been removed from my virgin account one representative said i need to also remove it myself whilst another said its all sorted.

Im so confused.