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installation date keeps getting moved!

Joining in

Hi all,

as a newly joined customer (less than 72 hours) I have already become disillusioned in carrying on my custom with VM. 

I booked an engineer installation date for Friday the 26th April and this was confirmed via email. I then received a text to say that this has been postponed to the 6th May, which will subsequently leave me without an internet service. 

I have spent the best part of an hour and half on the phone and have been passed from pillow to post with the overseas team. I have been told twice that a 3rd party is due to visit the properly as part of the pre- installation service. They were due on 03.04.23. I have then called again today 05.03.23 and was told that pre installation date was rescheduled today. To my surprise, NOT, nobody has shown up. 


I don’t really want to have to cancel but I ready do not see any other option. 

can someone kindly look into this?