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'broadband only' Price and History.

Tuning in


I wonder if there is a page that shows  'broadband only' prices of today for existing customers, and of the last few years too? ( I can only see new customer prices)

I have been paying £51.25  for quite some time, and now its going up to 55.76  for broadband only, I only asked for the cheapest connection. I only signed one contract near 20 years ago (BY).

It seems I am on a family of 8 connection. I wonder how this happened and why?

I am unable to use the phone, so how can I deal with this?

i need to know how they bumped me up. I should have been on the cheapest or at least the same level/tier of the contract I signed.

with some information I can compare to my bank account, how i have been charged, so I know how much i am owed and I would then like to be put on the lowest tarrif without being bumped up again.

I do not think i should have to sign a new contract to stop virgin overcharging me.

Is there a forum that deals with this issue?

I hope someone can help me, and others too, I am sure, with this type of issue.

Thank you for any help you may offer.




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello endused


Thanks for posting in regards to your package and cost query, we're happy to help discuss this with you via the forums and welcome to the community.


In regards to your package, as you have stated you have been with us for 20 years and from what you have said, haven't spoken to us in regards to your package during that time then this will have evolved over that time. This will be due to potentially the original package no longer being available or discontinued and being moved to a similar package. Over this time there will have been price increase, this will have been across all customers and will have also increased the price.


Our existing customer offers can be found here, you mentioned the costs over this time and how much you're owed, it is the users responsibility to monitor their own services, package and cost. We send bills each month outlining the package and when changes have been made in the past we would have notified you prior to these changes with your options at that time. There would be no refund due.


If there are any further questions or queries, please feel free to reach out.



hello Robert

I followed you link, but am struggling. Please can you tell me the price virgin charge for Broadband only (existing customers):

m50= ? ( I think i might prefer this, as i only use a small monitor for video)

m125 =?



I wonder, do you recognise my cost of virgin broadband only at £51.25? It has been this cost for very many months.

Thank you.






Tuning in


I am wondering, is there a 'broadband only' M50? (less bandwidth for one device, maybe two?)

What is the slowest VM broadband only deal/cost for existing customers from May 2024 and onward?

Thank you for your help.

p.s i was doing absolutely fine on 1Mb . just pottering about the net, watching 720p on YouTube ( the same i do today) about 10-15 or so years ago  Now i'm getting hundreds of times that bandwidth at more than twice the cost, which is amazing, really,  but I don't need the band width. I am paying for something i don't need.  And now its going up in price again. 😞

Have a look at the Money Saving Expert 

Thank you

(edit *i did not see, initially, that the link includes a phone with the m50)

I still see such unusual price variations. On the page you linked me to, it said to the effect= m50 with 18 months contract at £28 (new customers, i presume). Then "£51.00  thereafter"

However a person on the forum said , from nov 2023 (approx 4-5 months ago)

"Hey guys, I'm currently with virgin media. I'm coming to the end of my contract currently paying £44.80 for the M500 Fibre. I'm being offered an upgrade for the Gig1 Fiber for £52.00 Is this a good deal?"

1gig figbre at £52


m50 at  £51.  (edit with phone)

I wonder if the m50 can be ordered without a phone?

thanking you.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @endused 

You should speak to retentions (thinking of leaving) and negotiate a deal with them.

Also, if you are receiving benefits** have a look at VM's  < Essential Broadband> which is 15Mbps for £12.50 a month.  There is  also Essential Broadband Plus (50Mbps for £20 a month) and Essential Broadband Plus with Stream (50Mbps for £20 a month)  Stream is TV over the internet.

** You ned to be on Universal Credit, Pension Credit, Income Support , Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance or Income-based Employment Support Allowance to qualify for VM's Essential Broadband deals.

I don't work for Virgin Media.
I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge.
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Tuning in

That is very nice of virgin to do that for people.

it is unfortuate that it is not availible for all, but still, a nice option for those in need.

Thank you for your input, also, Newapollo.

Alessandro Volta

What options and speeds do you have available to you from other suppliers?

If you really want broadband only at 50 Mbps, you may well be able to get that from a different supplier and at a much lower cost than anything VM is likely to offer you.

Knows their stuff

@endused wrote:

That is very nice of virgin to do that for people.

it is unfortuate that it is not availible for all, but still, a nice option for those in need.

Thank you for your input, also, Newapollo.

The only way to get your contract down is to speak to Virgin Retentions NOT customer service. That's the option on the telephone for "I'm thinking of leaving Virgin". You have to go in quite firmly with requesting a cancel of your services and explain politely that you don't feel you get value from your current package and a rip off compared to competitors. Don't use "thinking of leaving" as the agents are trained to spot that you have doubts and your offers will be naff. If you do cancel, you get 30 days to ring back and cancel the cancel and in that time outbound retentions will usually call you with the best deal as long as marketing is enabled in your 'My Virgin Media' account portal (login to your account via

Realistically, you can get M125 broadband only (which is usually provisioned in areas with no speed issues around 143mbps down and 21 mbps up) for anywhere between £17-£22 at time of writing (15/04/2024) and that range is still a great deal. If you have any O2 monthly SIM in a mobile, then the speeds gets doubled for free to next tier stopping at Gig1 (You can't volt a tier up past Gig1).

M125 is more than fast enough for majority of people unless they upload a lot of big files to the cloud or run a home server and then you need one of the higher packages like Gig1 that has > 100mbps upstream. Even for downloading files on M125 you still get around roughly 14MBS per second (megabytes) due to the fact its over provisioned and higher than "125mbps" (megabits). It can cope with UHD/HD streaming easily and cope with several people using the internet at same time (as long as each user does not upload too much at same time per person). M50 is reserved for social tariffs now.