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TNT Sports incorrect charge

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I signed up for TNT sports directly within the stream box a couple of days ago. The price was advertised at £5 per month and structured as below 

£18 TNT sports 

- £13 Discount 

£5 Total per month 

when I looked at my virgin media - I actually discovered that the price being charged was £16.20. I am having no luck with customer services to get this rectified. Can anyone help please from VM staff 


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When I took the £10pm offer last year, the correct amount was shown on the bill, so check your statement when it's due.

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Forum Team

Hi @BaleKaneSon1 

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community,

Apologies for the confusion but it is like @Abertawe184 said, it should sort itself when the bill created.

I'll send you a PM though to assist further.

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I recently signed up also and read it as £5 a month if you signed up to a 18 month contract otherwise its £16.20 which includes the 10% discount for stream users if paying by a month by month basis. 

Hey Craigb1980, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear this.

Where did you read this? 

Did you get this as confirmation when you signed up to TNT sports? 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

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Exactly the same issue for as me Steve. No one listen or cares at Virgin media - worse customer service I have ever had. I have also made a complaint but no response - how can a company offer something for £5 a month and charge £16.20

@craig. Nothing on stream is an 18 month contract - everything is for a minimum of one month - but the price is guaranteed for 18 months. The issue is I was offered this and have been charged £16.20 - have you checked your account to see what you have been charged ??

Will someone of the forum actually take responsibility for this as a complaint please. It’s unfair stating a price is £5 than charging £16.20. I wish I had taken a screen shot from the stream box of the price 

I have had the same issue but have been treated appallingly.  

I signed up to TNT via Stream for £5 a month for 18 months on the evening of 9 April.  On the same evening I sent messages to friends and family telling them about the deal (by WhatsApp and iMessage). When I subsequently read an email from VM saying that I would be charged £16.20 I was really surprised.  I Googled the issue and read on the VM forum that the right amount will be charged on the next bill.  I also sent an email to VM Complaints raising the issue and asking for the £5 agreement to be honoured.  

Two weeks after signing up for £5/month I just today looked at my bill and saw that I have already been charged over £25 for TNT - i.e. after just two weeks VM are charging me 5 times what I agreed to pay for one month of TNT.  

I also heard back from VM Complaints by email saying that unless I had a screenshot of the £5 offer they could not investigate.  

I then read other posts saying that even with a screenshot the £5 agreement is not being honoured with other customers. See picture below. 

So, I called the telephone number in the VM Complaints email and spoke to a man who was at times, unfortunately, very combative, argumentative and kept on interrupting.  He put me on hold for a long time as if hoping I would go away.  He said that as I had no proof in writing in the form of a screenshot from my TV the £5 deal would not be honoured.  I said I had contemporaneous messages in writing - in response to that he said that those messages could be made up.  In effect the suggestion was that I am lying or falsifying documents.  He also said that as I had received an email from VM Complaints I cannot get the £5 offer because of VM's "policies" regardless of what VM offered and what I accepted and regardless of how contracts (offer and acceptance) work - it is VM's "policy".

As well as VM not honouring a £5/month deal I know I signed up to,  in the space of 2 weeks I have been charged £25 which is 5 times what I signed up to pay in a month.  I did not agree to that.  So I asked for that to be refunded.

The man on the telephone initially refused even to refund me the £25 I have been charged.  

I asked him if he or VM had a screenshot of me agreeing to pay the amount I have been billed.  He said no, but he said that as there was a subsequent email saying £16.20 that is what I had to pay per month.  I pointed out that (1) I had contemporaneous messages (which he said could be made up) and subsequent emails to VM saying £5 but VM will not - without a screenshot - accept that contemporaneous or subsequent writing to prove the amount agreed, (2) paradoxically, VM is relying on a subsequent email - without a screenshot - to charge me £25, and (3) I simply did not agree to pay £16.20 or £25 in the space of two weeks - I agreed to £5 a month for 18 months - so there is no way I should have to pay the £25 I am being charged for TNT.  

Ultimately after speaking to his manager he said the £25 can be refunded.  I said that if they accept that I did not agree to pay £16.20 a month, they must accept that I agreed to £5 a month and that I want the £5 honoured.  He said he won't do that.  I asked who I can speak to for it to be honoured.  He said nobody.

What is going on VM!?  

As a customer experience this has been awful especially being told I would not be believed without a screenshot, that my written notes/ messages could be fabricated, and that I have to pay £16.20 a month or £25 after two weeks because a subsequence email from VM said so even though that is not what I agreed.  I am in effect being treated as if I have fraudulently made up emails, yet VM can charge a sum I did not agree to pay.  

How many customers are being over-charged for what they did not agree to, and not being given what they did agree to yet have not realised this yet?  This seems like a con to me, yet I am the one being told I could have made up written messages and being told that I am not to be believed unless I took a photograph of my TV screen when I accepted VM's offer.

As soon as there is another provider on my street, I am going to leave VM as the customer service has been awful and stressful - in effect is suggesting that I am making things up and falsifying written documents.  Nobody wants to pay somebody for their day to be ruined like that.  And I would just like VM to honour what they offered me and I agreed to.

Here is the screenshot from another chat which shows what I saw, even though the other user says that VM will not honour the deal even with this screenshot:



A £25 charge appeared on my bill 2 weeks after signing up to pay £5 a month for 18 months. Check your bill carefully.  I was very difficult to get the man on the telephone even to agree to take off that £25 charge.