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Struggling to pay my bill, please help

Tuning in

Hi, I’m currently in a hole financially after some astronomically high bills for repairs on my property came through. Being that not long ago I was in care and before that, sleeping rough for months.

I vowed to prioritise the roof over my head however, this had led me to fall behind on my broadband bill and I’ve already received notice that come next week (12/6/24) I’ll be cut off if I can’t make the minimum payment at least. The issue is that I can’t, I’ve been drained and just about have money to travel to work for the rest of the month so that I can get paid on the 1st. I want to pay but I can only do so on the first.

Can somebody help me put this into play. I’d call up but I’m having issues with my phone at the moment which is just another thing to worry about on top of all this. Is there any way someone could please help me from here? 


Alessandro Volta

Info for payment issues is here

and a recent past topic makes mention of the contacting the 'Collections team' regarding monies-owed

There are plenty of past references on here of customers arranging a 'promise to pay' agreement with VM or a 'payment extension'.

The processes to do this seem to vary as does VM's responsiveness and reliability in implementing what was agreed with the customer.

I don't think the VM forum staff on here routinely deal with billing matters.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi R_44351,

Thank you for your post.

I'm sorry to hear about the financial difficulties you have been facing recently, following some repairs being made to your property. I can understand this must be a stressful time for you. We'd really like to help.

I'm afraid that we are unable to help with payment queries or payment plans from here and you would need to speak with our Collections Team as goslow has correctly advised. I understand that you are currently having issues with your phone, but they are only contactable over the phone I'm afraid. If you have a Virgin Media landline, you can call us free on 150.

The Collections Team will be able to look into setting up a payment plan for you.

Let us know how you get on.