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Re: Virgin media Netflix accont added without my authorisation repeatedly

On our wavelength

Virgin Media are lying to you.  They know this is happening a lot.

Hackers are able to create Netflix accounts via Virgin's web portal, but for a email address and contact information that is completely different to your Virgin media account details.  They then have a "free" Netflix account that you are getting billed for.  Virgin don't even know the email address that has been used - so you will have serious trouble trying to get either Virgin or Netflix to cancel the account.
I was fortunate - my Virgin Tivo box had been logged into the Netflix account automatically so I could find out the account name and email address.  Without that I'd have been screwed.
So - Virgin media then told me it was my problem and I had to sort this out with Netflix.  Netflix told me the account was set up through the Virgin Media portal - so the fraud was perpetrated there.
Now, Netflix have stopped the account, but Virgin have still billed me for it.  I've reported it to Virgin as FRAUD on the phone twice, and by email to their [REMOVED] address - which it appears no one actually monitors.

This company takes your money, but doesn't take responsibility when they have been hacked.  Typical.

Everyone needs to know this - I am still on the phone AGAIN trying to sort this mess out.

I am reporting this to OFCOM and the police.  VM must know they have a security issue around this.

Good luck in getting any sense from VM - you can never talk to anyone who isn't a bottom rung idiot.


Are you guys finally taking actual responsibility for this?  There's far too many people reporting this for it to be an error on the part of your customers!

Where's the exploit?  You better find it - because it most certainly exists!

On our wavelength

What did they tell you?  They tried to blame me for it - except I'm the only one that has the password to our account in our family, and no one was around at the time when the Netflix account was created.  But rather than admitting an issue - they instead doubled down and tried to blame me further.  Insulting call staff who do not listen to rational reasoned reports, and who won't put you in touch with someone with a brain who might have more chance of sorting out the real problem.
I also reported fraud via their email address and their online form and have heard absolutely nothing back.

Have virgin media been able to sort this? We’re having the same issue, and I can’t log out of this foreign account on our Virgin Media so going to have the issue every month of being billed and having to speak to them for a refund! 

Hello Rachel89


We're sorry to hear of the ongoing Netflix issues experienced, we appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums and welcome to the community.


We can see you have spoken to the team today and they were able to offer some support in regards to this, please keep us up to date with this and the outcome.