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Incorrectly charged for Netflix

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I totally agree, I find it really interesting that others have also been incorrectly charged.

My complaint has been ongoing since Dec 23. The complaints department are either very understandable and provide apologies and credit and promise the charges won't happen again. Or they are very adamant that it was my fault and I have to contact Netflix. Email ping pong has happened frequently where I have explained that I have tried to ring Netflix and had to endure a very embarrassing conversation as I cannot provide Netflix with an email address for them to check my account. Netflix advise that my contract is with VM. The set top box is VMs equipment. They can provide log in details and also unlink accounts. They have also got access to account/relationship managers within Netflix.

I have tried to relay this back to VM. Today, in fact I had a call from VM's complaints department but frustratingly again, they are saying it's my responsibility to contact Netflix to cancel my account. No matter how many times I explain.

It just doesn't make sense. If I wanted a Netflix account why would I go through VM to bill myself? I'd have a direct relationship with Netflix. How can VM get away with charging for a subscription but then take no responsibility and state they cannot stop this. It's like they're stealing from my bank account.

I'm nearly at the stage where I can get the Ombudsman to investigate. Hopefully this can be looked into and they can pose to VM that an agreement and authorisation needs to happen before a subscription can take place.

Please let me know how you both get on and share the frustrations that this is. I've been a Customer of VM for over 10 years. Never had a bill unpaid. Charging via a set top box should be illegal. 


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Hello @Max_77 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

Sorry to hear of this Netflix dispute.

I'll send you a PM now to assist further.

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There is no doubt in my mind that this has been a VM error of their own making and has nothing to do with Netflix. Incidentally if you visit the Netflix website it clearly states that where there are issues with payments via a third party you should refer to the third party to resolve the issue not directly to Netflix. I did actually point this out to VM but as they seemingly do not read what is sent in detail they did not respond to that.

I have to acknowledge that VM have given me refunds and promised to clear the “rogue service” from my account but sadly that never happens and therefore I can do no more than draw the conclusion that there is a glitch of some sort within their IT system that peculiarly affects VirginMedia Billing allowing them to continue the theft from my account. Most recently I have been promised a further refund and removal of the “rogue service”  from my account. I am sure the refund will materialise but as for removal I very much doubt it based upon the last 4 months performance by VM Billing Services.

My continuing question is therefore. “ How many more of us VM customers is this currently happening to?” I think that every single VM customer should assiduously check their monthly bill for “mistakes.” VM Billing Services simply in my view cannot be trusted to get it right. VM themselves should carry out an internal review to determine the extent of the failure of their “systems” and above all VM Billing Services should determine and explain why they cannot deliver upon the actions promised by their colleagues who do try to help.

Perhaps then they would begin to climb off the bottom of the customer service league table where they currently and somewhat worryingly seem proud to languish.

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Hi Max_77 and Martin342

I can tell you that this is happening to me and my daughter (separate bills and addresses) too.

Any similarity with the Post Office Horizon/Fujitsu scandal is purely coincidental!!!!!!