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Hmm, have I made a mistake

Tuning in

On the 7th of August 2023 I ordered the Ultimate Volt Bundle over the phone for installation in September 2023.

I'm curious as to why I was not offered the choice of the Hisense TV or £200 bill credit, which I believe was offered on the 7th August and available until the 13th of August and so I've bee trying all morning to ask that very question.
The virtual whatsapp AI person was "not helpful" to put it mildly and so I rang the number I used to order the Bundle. After many keypresses I managed to speak to a very polite lady who took all the details and said she would have to speak to someone else and would I mind being put on hold for a couple of minutes, which i didn't.
After about 30 seconds a computer voice cut in asking me to press 1 for this and 2 for that etc which I ignored thinking that my original contact would come back to me. However after another 30 seconds another person cut in who kept telling me "not to worry" about my installtion as she could change it.
I kept tellng her I didn't want it changed and explained the situation 3 times to her as well as asking how she interrupted my original conversation.
She then grasped the idea that I wanted the £200 bill credit and she told me to hold on and the line went dead.

Is this par for the course with Virgin Media? I've been with Sky for 25 years and always managed to speak to someone without a problem but their latest price increase was above and beyond reasonable which is why it was a no brainer to sign up for the Ultimate Volt Bundle

So, if anyone from Customer Services (or anyone else obviously) reads this can they please explain why I wasn't offered the "Special Deal" when I booked the Bundle on the day the offer started (and yes, I should have asked the chap I spoke to order about it but the excitement was too much for me 😊 )?
Not a glorious start to my time with Virgin.

Community elder

Sounds about the norm to be honest.

Aah I see, thanks for those few words of encouragement 🤔 😕. Interestingly I've just had an email asking for feedback about "how things went for you when you placed your order with us". I think I may have to look up some really big words.


Just read through some other threads on here...

When the service is up and running it's great, however, if an issue arrises be prepared for a not so great customer service.

Tuning in

Thanks for that Carl. So an issue has arisen before I've been connected and experienced the "not so great customer service" now I can look forward to the service being up and running and it's being great - wow, a large fat pink thing has just flown past my window - I can't wait, although it does appear that I'm a TV / £200 down on the deal.

That's rubbish customer service not "not great"


I would stick to your guns on this one Andy. Your package is eligible for the offer and the offer was effective from 7 August. There is nothing in the offer to further qualify it.

Don't waste your time and energy calling the clueless offshore VM customer service line. Instead wait here for the forum team.

You are on a premium package and they should be taking care of you. 

Don't forget your 14 day cooling off period too. 

Cancel VM here
Complain to VM
Demand compensation from VM here
Demand your call recordings here
Monitor the state of your VM connection here

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @Charade, and a very warm welcome to you!

Sorry to hear that you weren't offered a free gift or bill credit when joining Virgin Media.

We would have to advise that unless this particular offer was requested during the sale process, we wouldn't be in a position to now simply add an incentive to an existing sale that has been completed, or is in the process of being completed.

If you wanted to take up an offer, with such an incentive, the current offer you're going to have installed, would need to be cancelled and then you would need to speak to our sales team for the specific offer you desire.

Kindest regards,


Wow @David_BN, so I have to request the offer. Where in all the blurb does it say that, bearing in mind the offer expires on the 13th?

Please direct me to the relevant clauses.


Probably slightly bad wording on David’s part, when you sign up, if an offer appears (and it is an ‘if’) then you need to accept or claim it there and then, otherwise, sorry! But suppose that there is no mention of any incentives, then naturally you can neither accept or decline it - you simply have to complete the contract on the terms offered, ie £x per month for abc level of service!

Now legally these contracts are between you and VM, what they offer you doesn’t have to be the same as they offer everyone else, they offer you a certain set of products for a certain amount of money, do you accept it on those terms? Yes or No? If you subsequently find out that your next door neighbour is getting the same services for half the cost, well in most circumstances, you can’t complain, they made an offer, you accepted it - end of!

What you can do though, is bear this in mind when renewal time comes up!

As to why you weren’t offered the TV or £200 deal, well this is entirely speculation but when you signed up, you would have needed to give your address. Armed with that, then VM would have been aware of what alternative suppliers are available and what they can offer and how much. So suppose that they conclude that in your area, there are no other ‘fast’ internet providers, then why offer you anything, it’s likely you will sign up anyway? On the other hand, if you had a choice of fibre providers with better speeds, then they’ll add a ‘sweetener’ to the deal!

Is it fair, arguably not? Is it legal, unfortunately it absolutely is!

The ball is in your court now, accept the position as what it is, or call them and cancel, that and only that might trigger them to make a better offer. Oh and incidentally, there are posts on here from people who did sign up and selected a new TV as a ‘special offer to you’ and are still waiting nine months after installation with no sign of it.

Greetings all,

I don't know who said what to whom but I've just had notification that I now have my £200 bill credit

Big thanks to everone concerned that made it happen.