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Charging for Netflix - Since December this is ongoing hell

Joining in

I look after my sisters Virgin account as she is down Syndrome. Anyhow i had my Netflix logged into hers before i transferred the Netflix over to virgin as it came with my new package. Turns out she ended up getting charged for it as they thought she was wanting netflix on her account. Tried numerous times speaking with Virgin to get this removed and refunded. Eventually i spoke to them on Whatsapp and the gentlemen said he had refunded her and amended her bill in January and this would not happen again.

So bill comes and its lower with the right price for her package on. No credit to her account but still she wasnt charged for the netflix she doesnt have.  Next bill is generated which i didnt know of and the DD comes out 1st March ( Today ) for double the amount. So i look at the bill and it seems she has been charged more because it says she didnt pay full bill last month and then they have, wait for it, added a late payment charge on top of that. Lol. How can she not pay full bill and have a late payment charge when she is on Direct Debit lol. R Virgin for real.

So again i am no further forward, My poor disabled sister is now just having money taken from her account for no reason. Dont virgin think times are hard enough without all this..
Please can someone help. I have exhausted myself with the many phone calls & text messages to Virgin Media. 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey giggles73, thank you for reaching out and I am so sorry to hear this.

I want to take a look into this, please look out for my DM.

Matt - Forum Team

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