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no landline dial tone

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hi looking for some help or guidance i have joined virign media in april i have the landline just didnt use it, i plugged phone in a week ago no dial tone.... ive tested phone it does work with someone else who is your virgin media just to double check. 

it says telephony readyon hub settings i have had a engineer since to check wiring all fine and in spec... when engineer was out they said the phone was struggling to provision he rang support team they said they emailed back office team to get this sorted and it should be sorted in within 24/48 now this time has elapsed still no landline... (its connected via hub in tel 1 as it supposed too) when i try to ring landline from mobile it says im unavailible doesnt even ring .... just any help would be appreciated im paying for landline not been able to use it 




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Forum Team

Hi there @gazza1990 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you here. 

I am so sorry that you have faced this issue with your service and thank you again for posting. Can I just ask if the phone is connected at the wall or via the Hub? 

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its connected to the hub 5

Thank you @gazza1990 have you ensured you are connected at the correct port and also tried a full reboot of the Hub? 

To so this push a pen etc into the back of the Hub and hold in for 30 seconds, this will cause a full factory reset so if you have changed anything such as the WiFi name or password it will revert to the original but you can then change it back. 

Can I also check have you been able to try another handset on the line? 

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yeah phone line works on different virgin media of family so i know it works and also its brand new, yeah technician reset the router on tuesday when he was at my home, he said all woring is in spec and my broadband and tv working great im thinking this a provisonal issue regarding my landline phone number 

can you check my account to see if all is configured correctly as when i ring my home number from my mobile it says im unavailble its not even ringing this indicates to me some sort of configuration not set up correctly


Sorry @gazza1990 to clarify have you been able to try another handset on your phone line rather than this handset on another line? 

Was the line that was tested also connected via a Hub or a wall connection?

i have voip so i havent got a wall socket for phone its ran through hub 5 and connected into tel 1 and yes ive tried another phone and didnt work and engineer when he was account use his test phone and didnt work either, he rang a department and they said it should be sorted with 24/48 but it hasnt thanks

Thanks for coming back to us @gazza1990.

Check out the envelope in the top right hand corner for a private message from me and we can take a closer look into this one for you