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my Land phone Line not working since 17-10-2023

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I been a customer on Virgin Media for over 25 years, my work land phone died in October last year.

Once i was sure that I can NOT receiver or Make phone calls So I had arranged an appointment for the Engineer.. After waiting for almost 4 hours no sign of the engineers, Never turned up. Called the VM office, give me a  silly excuses about some mix-up, they RE-ARRANGED THE APPOINTMENT for another day.

Same thing happened on this Occasion, RE- ARRANGED app. on ANOTHER DAY,  SO ON ..SO ON .

That's  4 x  Appointments missed so far.

I REALY  don't know what to Do, when call them again, going thru lengthy ridiculous  process in India, they HANGUP the phone, upon my request to talk to the Manager.

My Contract is expiring soon, don't know if I should re-New contract. 

Maybe talk to OFsted or someone for messing me about.

Any feedback suggestions  wd b much appreciated

B. regds,




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello uncleT.

Thank you for bring this to our attention on our community.

Sorry to hear about the fault with your landline and the difficulty you have had arranging and waiting for an engineers to attend.

I can take a look at this for you from here.

If you don't mind, I will need to send you a private message to pass security first though.
If you can check the logo top right of your screen that would be great. 


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Hi again,   

Just to ADD  i have The Homehub2  box  and a standard Phone line with One Master socket ( I do Know How to check A Land line "EX  SkyUK Engineer") NO  dial TOne and does NOt ring dong from my Mobile, But it IS ringing from the exchange. or(some Muppet has disconnected me for the Street Junc Box).?

I am fed-up with this situation, I have lost Time, money, no service that i am being charged every day, unbelievable.

Sorry for rant.