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Virgin cut off my landline & lost my number!

Joining in

I also now have a story of problems with lost number, and, in particular, the total failure to restore the number after several agreements to do so.

Similar to others, this whole issue starts with a switch away from the BT line, to connection to the virgin media hub. This is actually for elderly parents, and lead to a lot of complexity getting access/control of the account.

The initial step, following loss of connected additional phones, was to make some long overdue adjustments to the services.

Unfortunately, this could not be done online, and I had to speak to a salesperson who offered a switch of 'package/bundle' (apparently there aren't really separate items which can be adjusted). I wanted a drop to a lower speed broadband and a drop of the extra free phone call minutes (which were not being used). I was sent an email to agree an updated package. I did not notice that the package included no phone at all, a complication that is not so clear when the loss of the BT line has just occurred.

So, the result was an unexpected disconnection and then a huge amount of trouble getting the package/bundle adjusted to include the phone. When this was arranged/agreed, near the end of March 2023, the restoration of the original (40 years+) old number was also agreed (changed package 23/03/2023).

I followed up after a while, to be told to wait another 10 day, and then 10 days later, to be told definitely within 48 hours.

It still didn't happen, and on at least another couple of occasions i was assured that the number was fine and could be 'ported' and this would be done and followed up.

Later again I phoned and was told that there are different sorts of number porting, and that a particular request had to be made to restore a disconnected number (a virgin media number).

It still didn't happen and later I was told that it would be done within 48 hours and that a manager would follow up with progress.

And finally, this week, I am told that the port doesn't work because the number is disconnected and that actually nothing can be done.

So, after an agreement at the end of march, and following up over the course of more than two months, customer services and technical support are now shrugging and, though some requests are outstanding, I am told that they probably won't restore the number.


We cannot guarantee that the number will be able to be requested if you were to move to a BT service, but they are the owners of the number and hold the number now. 
The number goes into a pool of all other available numbers after some time and if not given away, if maybe requested by BT only if and when it does become available. Again, I cannot guarantee that you could get the number back this way.


It all depends on the specifics of the account and length the number has been disconnected and ceased for. There are times when we can retrieve lost numbers, but it would need to be in the available windows advised above. As you mention this started in July, at this point there would be no way to get this number back due to the length of time the number has been ceased back to BT. 


My apologies again for this. Please let us know if you are having any further issues or have any questions at all. We'll be here to help on the community forums if needed :). 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent