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Virgin Landline - Can't make outgoing calls

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I'm not able to make calls on my Virgin landline. I can receive calls, but every time I dial to make a call, I'm just put straight through to the Virgin Media helpline - whatever number I dial. I've checked the Virgin Media website and can't see that there are any problems in our area, but can't get through to speak to a real person at Virgin Media without holding for hours on end.


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New hub now installed and phone now connected through hub. The Virgin engineer confirmed that Virgin are switching off people's ability to make outgoing calls on landlines so that this forces customers get in contact with Virgin.  It would help if your customer service staff at call centres were more aware of this as it would have saved me hours on the phone last Saturday getting nowhere!  Also, for every single time we've tried to make an outgoing call, or checked to see if the phone line is working, before we realised that Virgin had deliberately switched off our landline, we've been charged for each call - even though we didn't want to make these calls to Virgin.  Even when we've put down the phone straight away - it's charged us 38 pence for each one.  Some of the calls we made were because we were specifically asked to do to check if our landline was now working.  This means that even though Virgin instigated the blocking of outgoing calls on our line and the automatic connection to the Virgin Helpline, they did not route calls through to the free 150 Virgin Helpline, but to the but to the 0345 phone number.  I've now got an additional £10 in calls on my Virgin Media bill. Can't say I'm very happy about this. Seems a funny way to have gone about the whole business.  Couldn't Virgin have just sent us a letter to explain they needed to upgrade our hub and route our phone through the new hub?

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Forum Team (Retired)

Thanks for the responses there VicandBob,

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Our team should've sent the relative communication regarding the switchover months before it would occur, to clarify when you were calling the helpline were you calling 150?

Also what package is your landline currently on?



I could not agree more with you. I have had exactly the same experience, my engineer is finally booked for the middle of July. Was told that they had been trying to contact me to let me know about the restriction put on my phone, this is a lie I have had no contact whatsoever, no missed calls no email and no letter only found out when I needed to use my phone and I was automatically put through to the virgin media helpline. While visiting my brother this week I explained what had happened with my phone and as he has virgin media was his phone ok, he wasn’t aware of any problem so we tried to use his phone and got put straight through to the virgin media helpline he too has had no contact from virgin media to him inform him of this change. 

Omg absolutely fuming,  I have been charged £14:53 for automatically being put through to virgin media via my land line

Hi Blamb, 

Sorry to hear that about your concerns over your call charges. I can see you are in an open conversation with another agent via private message - if you have any further concerns or issues you can reply back to them and they'll be able to investigate this further. 

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It seems like this is happening to everyone. No communication from Virgin at all.  Landline just switched off for outgoing calls, and customers are charged every single time they test the phone line to see if it's working yet. This really isn't on, Virgin Media.

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I've had exactly the same on my latest bill. I can't figure out how Virgin are getting away with this. No letter, no explanation, no warning.  And then charging us for every call through to their helpline when we were just test our phonelines to see why they weren't working.

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We weren't calling the helpline voluntarily, Virgin Media.  you'd cut off everyone's ability to make outgoing calls and were automatically routing our calls through to the Virgin Media helpline but NOT on the free 150 number, so everytime we tried to make outgoing calls we were just put through to your helpline instead, and then charged for each call!!

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I'm on the M200 fibrebroadband and talk weekend, but you are missing the point. It's nothing to do with my package. It's the fact that Virgin are switching off people's phones so every time they make an outgoing call they are just re-directed to the Virgin Helpline, but not on the free 150 number, so we've been charged for every call we made. It seems the staff who work for Virgin don't seem to realise that Virgin are doing this, but our engineer knew when he came round and he confirmed this is what Virgin are doing at the moment. It really is outrageous.  A simple letter through the post to explain would have done it. Not impressed at all.

@VicandBob  well this entire thread is going nowhere fast isn’t it? Now quick question (or two) a) is your home phone currently plugged into a wall socket or into the VM hub via a small adapter, and b) have you had any sort of communication in the past few months from VM regarding moving you telephony onto a ‘21CV’ system or sometimes referred to as ‘fibre phone’!

Now the symptoms you describe are typical of them sending you a message saying that your telephony will be migrated to 21cv and the phone has to be plugged directly into the hub to continue working, but if you don’t reply or acknowledge then they will do a redirect of all outgoing calls to VM customer services to ‘prompt’ you to do something!