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Ported landline number from VM to VM at same address Shambolic Service, Any Advice?

Joining in

On 22nd Jan my brother was moving out of our dads house and tried to transfer his VM account into Dads name.  He was advised to cancel his VM account as he was not taking it with him and had a different supplier at his new address and he was told to open another account for our elderly dad (84 years). No problem, but, keeping the phone number and having it ported was a must. Again, we were told this was no problem, but, would take 14 days to be ported from brothers VM account to Dads VM account.

On day 15 the original VM phone number had not been ported and temp number was still in place. Phoned VM and explained everything and that dad was old, has numerous medical problems and needs his number as its registered to all medical hospital appointments. No problem, an accelerated request was put in and would take 48hrs.

On day 18, no number ported. Phoned VM explained situation. No problem, would put in request for porting phone number and would take 48hrs.

On day 20, no ported number, temp number still in place. I phoned VM to be told the number couldnt be ported as it was from the same address. Yes, it is because my brother moved out and Dad still lives at the address and needed the landline number from brothers account to dads account ported to the landline and it was the reason dad stayed with VM for the importance of keeping the landline number. No help what so ever, kept repeating it cant be done, no apology, nothing. I rang sales and asked why we had been sold a tv/broadband/landline package with the phone number from brothers account ported to dads that could not be ported to same address? They stated that the porting of the landline number was not a problem and as long as the original phone number was still 'available' it could be ported. Sales put me through to a lovely lady who seemed to understand the situation. She told me that it could be ported and would be ported within 48 hours. 

On 13th Feb at 9.34am I tried to ring my dads original number (the number that was to be ported) and it went through!!! It had been ported. We were thrilled and after a chat i put the phone down and phoned him back on said number at 10.03 am just to double check it had really happened. I received a call from his doctor on my mobile number to arrange an appointment as the doctor could not get hold of dad on his landline. I arranged the appointment and immediately rang dad on his 'ported' landline number, i got the lady that says number not recognised, this was 2pm. Landline had gone back to temp number.

How could this happen???

I phoned VM and got a very angry call handler that told me that the number could not be ported to the same address and that I had been told seven times and that I had called them 7 times and that i need to stop calling. He also said there was no way could have spoken to my dad on the phone number that was to be ported and called me a liar ( I have kept logged evidence of the calls to my dad on my mobile phone).

Its now 17th Feb and dad is still on temp number with no help from VM. I am absolutely disgusted at the way this has been handled. I have not sworn, i have been upset and strongly aired my views but am always polite.

Has anyone gone through this and if so, do you have any advice on how to get the landline number ported?

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi KRSH1519 👋🏼.

Thank you for posting, welcoming you onto our community forum☺.

I am really sorry that this has happened and has cause a lot of distress and issues ☹, as this is not the level of service we aim to provide.

I can certainly investigate 🧐 this matter and see what we can do for you, I will have to private message you.

Please watch out for the envelope ✉. 

Ari - Forum Team

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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Sadly, transferring numbers between accounts with the same provider is not covered by any OFCOM rules or procedures. Number porting (shortened from Porting Out, which is the correct term) is a process of moving a number to a different provider to the one that owns or issues the line to a customer.

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