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Need an engineer

Tuning in

My 86 year old mum has not had a house phone working for over a week now. I have rung 3 times to no avail. She needs the phone as she has cancer and gets calls from her consultant and nurses. She does have a mobile but struggles with technology. How can I get her phone line fixed if they won’t help her? Any help much appreciated 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @PoggyD 

Did you reply to the PM from @Sabrina_B  on your original thread < here > ?

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @PoggyD 

Sorry to hear that your mother's landline is still not working.

I can see that you already have an open thread on this issue and are in private message with an agent for support. If you still require assistance, please do reach back out to them and they'll be able to assist you further. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Yes I did reply and got told I put the wrong info down so needed to ring. I have ring again but still no help so hopefully I might get more help on here. 

Yes I will try 

You can send the agent that was supporting you a private message in your messages, in the envelope icon and select compose message, or send a message from their profile. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Dialled in

Good morning PoggyD from Roger123 --I appreciate the ‘terrible problem’ you are experiencing with your Mum’s VITAL house ‘phone. We had this from the 1st May, 2024 until the 4th May, 2024 but with NO landline (no 999/111 emergency ‘calls), no broadband and, just for a change, no television! (THAT IS NO NOTHING!). We managed to use my Wife’s (she is 84) ‘tiny little Vodafone mobile ‘phone' to ‘PLEAD’ (what a ‘disgrace’ as I have Parkinson’s disease and am bipolar!) for an engineer/technician to come out as we were desperate. We were told ‘no engineer/technician until the Bank Holiday Monday, the 6th May, 2024'! Amazingly, my Sister managed to pick up the signal from the Vodafone mobile ‘phone and she ‘PLEADED’ for us and, somehow managed to get an engineer/technician to come out on the Saturday, the 4th May, 2024. All went well with on-time ‘Daniel’. However, Virgin Media FAILED for their brain-dead staff to liaise and, surely, on Monday, the 6th May, 2024, a further engineer/technician arrived (late, this time of course!). The ‘cretin’ FAILED to liaise with either his head office and/or ‘Daniel’. I am now being charged an extra £25.00. for the ‘Monday cretIn’! Hope You and your dear Mum get ‘sorted’. All Good Wishes  Roger123