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Joining in

Hello, Can anyone tell me please can a power cut in a town centre affect a landline phone, we live about 15 mins from the centre, The power cut didnt effect us apart from the phone why would this happen


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @Belladonna1 👋 Welcome to the forum and thanks for your post 😊

Sorry to see you've been having issues with your landline after a local power cut. This could have an effect if your line running to the house is connected to one that was affected by a power cut. However being around 15 mins away this may not be the case. How's the landline looking for you this morning?

If you're still having issues we have a service checker here where you can see if there's any known issues affecting any of your services. You can also sign in via your My VM log in details to run a fault test with the connection.

If that is of no help, we also have a landline support page for further help here.

Let us know if you need anything further, we're always happy to help.



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We have had a engineer out to fix the phone the other problem is when i check my services it says theres intermittent signal on my broadband, it said this on Friday, engineer came out Saturday he said no broadband problem but when i check my services tonight and it says broadband problem what can i do 

We're glad to hear the phone is fixed. Does it advise it is a reported issue? If so, does it advise an estiamted fix date?