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Digital Landline [ 21CV ] Call Divert (Call Forwarding) [Purple-Zone]

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Virgin Media-  Digital Landline [ 21CV ] Call Divert ( aka Call Forwarding ) [Purple-Zone]

Hopefully this will help those wanting to use the £2.25 call divert feature (can be part of a feature bundle) I’m adding this as information so far is confusing at best unhelpful in most cases please feel free to add or correct me as required.


To Divert All Calls


Cancel Divert


Check Divert details



To Divert all calls to a UK Mobile Number dial:

*21*07777123456#   07777 being the STD Code 123456 being the phone number

To a UK landline dial:


01522 here is the Lincoln STD code

Basically STD codes were/are required if someone outside of Lincoln (eg London) would need to dial it, however someone inside Lincoln wouldn’t need to they would just dial 123456 to be put through

Things to note!

  • Call divert won’t work with free voicemail active!
  • do not put 44 in place of 0 as it will make the divert fail and you must use the STD code. example used in this post  is 01522123456 will connect 441522123456 won’t 07777123456 will 447777123456 won’t work!
  • People calling from a landline without using the STD code won’t get put through a major flaw IMHO.  Eg if a local landline (in the same STD code) phone just dials just the last bit eg 123456 the call will not get through, however if they dial the full number including the STD eg 01522123456 they will.  This will cause confusion for so many who mainly call local to local calls as it will fail without the caller knowing why!
  • VM Everyday Call Charges booklet states you will be charged for the diverted part of the call so if you diverted to a local call you will pay a local call rate, if you divert to a national your charged national, premium charged premium and mobile charged mobile etc. The caller will still be charged the normal amount for their call no matter what according to their call charges / package!I have been told many times that if you have a free call charge package you will not be charged for the forward yet many on here say you will SO BE WARNED as you won’t know for a month if calls forwarded to a UK landline or UK Mobile will be charged to you for each call forwarded even if included in your call package. Note itemised billing is chargeable (bloody cheek IMHO!) So charging is questionable at best I hope to update soon.
  • if your calling some mobile new lines make sure VoTLE is turned on in the mobiles data settings or incoming calls and call diverts won’t work.

So in summary you may or may not be charged for each forwarded call,  people calling you without using the STD code (local calls) won’t get through and they will have no idea why!