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All incoming calls being sent to voicemail??

On our wavelength

Hi, Since early this morning all incoming calls to my landline, have gone straight through to voicemail, with no attempt to try to actually connect to me.


I can call out off of the line ok, and no changes have been made since yesterday when the phone worked fine, both incoming and outgoing.

Can anyone please advise if there is a problem, as, I have rebooted my router as suggested by the help team, but so far no joy in being able to recieve incoming calls.


Assuming the 5 does it, I backed up my config for my 3 and restored it onto the new 3 - it wasn't a lot of config, but made life a bit easier all the same.

Thanks for your post RDF. 

Glad to hear you were able to config your new hub3 from the old one.

If you need anything else. Please let us know.


Joining in

Well our issue appears to have resolved today and everything is back to normal with our landline. Maybe a glitch or something that has been resolved by the engineers perhaps. Will monitor over the next few days and report back if it happens again.

On our wavelength

That’s what happened to me, the problem cleared overnight with no need for the engineer ne’er to call. Mines still fine a week later so am asuming a network glitch!!