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Keep getting disconnected

Hey I play call of duty and have recently noticed a lot of lagging and being kicked from games. Also I’m losing connection also on my phone it seems. I’ve been reading up about packet loss and have joined that think broadband for a few days  to see w...

Imortaltom by On our wavelength
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FIXIV not launching without VPN enabled

Just posted in the similar topic but as that was area specific (Barnsley) I thought I'd check if anyone else in the Slough area has got problems with their broadband?Since yesterday afternoon I can no longer access the FFXIV servers without using a V...

Dinalt by On our wavelength
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Utter garbage

It's now 6 days since I raised an issue with my connection, it's impossible to play any online game and even normal web browsing it like being back in the 90's.It's not a complete outage but 20%+ packet loss is making it unusable, I know there's comp...

swsystem_0-1672110493065.png swsystem_1-1672110864626.png
swsystem by Joining in
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Is my area overutilized?

Hello,When playing warzone I am getting bad latency spikes, 55ms-70ms minimum but jumps to 200+ms spikes. This is a constant problem, making any online game frustrating and unplayable. This problem has been ongoing for sometime now and I believe its ...

1760d9b1d1cc82f7eb72f34fd3139b58c43d4e56-04-01-2023 (1).png fc9db41285e02ac0b979951fa2c2f9c3bd86f8d6-03-01-2023.png
Szpyrka by Joining in
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Too much lagging. Is my power levels too high?

FYI, i have a hub 5 last time an engineer came in said its the first time his seen the hub 5 and said he will do some work from outside. But i see no changes.Downstream bonded channelsChannel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) SNR (dB) Modulation Channel ID...

ozgurcan by Dialled in
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Latency issues connecting to certain games

Hi everyone,I have a bit of an unusual issue. I have recently moved to a new place and have installed the Virgin Media Hub 4 (1.1 GB/s download according to Samknows).The wifi is generally smooth, however, I have an issue:I am using a few video games...

High Ping of 50-120 ms in Warzone and other games

Hi Team,Short and sweet, my ping is terrible and unplayable at times, every time I run a kit check, it shows no issues, I'm wired into my router and ping continues to get higher and higher and I never have anything below 50 in Warzone.I am on a 1gb p...

iAtlas by Tuning in
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Ping issues

Hi, just moved to Virgin from BT. My Son is a gamer in particular CS:GO, since the move his ping is worse. Any ideas how to improve