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Unable to verify new sign-in email address

Joining in

I recently received an email from VM requesting me to change my “sign-in” email address.  Since I already have a gmail address, it seemed it wouldn’t be a problem.  However, after changing the “sign-in” address to the gmail address, I then received a further message asking me to verify the new sign-in by clicking a link in the message.  When I click on this link, it just takes me to a webmail signin screen, and if I try to use the new sign-in address, it tells me that I have not yet verified it.  If I copy the link in the message, it shows as etc., and this is where the link initially takes me but within a second, the URL changes to etc., which is, of course, the signin screen.  I frequently receive legitimate emails which are filed into the Spam folder, so I really need to be able to access webmail in order to retrieve these emails.  I seem to be chasing my tail with this.  Can anyone please, please help me to resolve this?  Thanks in anticipation.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

After signing in via the verify link does it not update your Sign in Email Address? If it does not try signing in before going to the verification link.

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Thanks for the suggestion but that doesn't help.  Attempting to sign in with the updated email address simply results in a message telling me that I haven't yet verified the email address.  The problem seems to be that after pressing the link in the email to verify the new email address, the web page skips past the verification page and displays the login page.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

When prompted to sign in are you using the previous authentication details? For example, if new Sign in Email Address is and previous was  then the latter should be used when confirming verification.

Thank you for your attempt to help, but you seem yo have misunderstood my problem.  the point is that I am never given an opportunity to verify my new email address.  When I click on the "verify your new email" in the message, the page I land on is the Webmail sign in page.  In the browser address bar, I very briefly see the URL for the verification page, but it then immediately skips on to the webmail sign in page.  I can obviously sign in to Webmail using my original email address, but not with the new one because it has not yet been verified (because I have not been given the opportunity to do so).  I am now stuck in a loop because the verification link has expired and if I attempt to change the email address in the Account Details, I am told that I have recently requested an email change and I need to verify it before making further changes.  It would be good if VM could make this work properly, and it really needs a VM staffer to PM me because they are the only ones who can sort it out.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Issue has been flagged to the forum team. 

To reissue the verification link enter a new email address and then immediately enter the original one you wanted to workaround the issue. 

I had tried that yesterday, but without success.  However, I've just tried again, and this time it worked.  Thanks to all.

Thanks for the update @tc27usl, and I'm pleased to hear that this has now been resolved for you.

Do please come back to us if you require any further assistance and we'll be on hand to assist where required.