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+++ Known Issue+++ "Your Virgin Media Mail account is currently unavailable" RESOLVED


Hi All, 

We are aware of an issue affecting some customers being unable to access their Virgin Media Email accounts this morning. This has been raised and our team are currently investigating this issue. We will have this resolved as quickly as possible.

Ticket ref: F011208525

This issue is now resolved


Accepted Solutions


We've had confirmation this issue has been resolved and normal service should now have resumed.

Any customers experiencing difficulties accessing email should open a thread for further support.

Apologies again for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

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Up to speed

Anyone else having issues with webmail today ? Email on my phone and iPad are fine but when i open webmail it says my account has been locked. It displayed a 500 Server Error a couple of times before the lock page came up. I'm reluctant to go through the password reset process at the moment as email works on other devices so I'm assuming its a VM server issue ?




On our wavelength

Got the message Virgin Media Mail account is currently unavailable when I checked emails as usual at work today, email was working fine late last night / early this morning.




I have exactly the same problem. Working fine last night, working on my phone but on the laptop I have exactly the same screen as you.

Tuning in

I can log into my virgin media.

I can read send emails via mail app in windows.

I cannot read web mail i get the following, is there a fault ?


Your Virgin Media Mail account is currently unavailable

This is either because your Virgin Media Mail account is locked, or because you don’t have an active account with us anymore.

If you have an existing Virgin Media Mail account with us, please follow the steps below, as your account may have been locked as a security precaution.

me too, mail app is ok just not webmail

My husbands is exactly the same this morning. 

I'm having the same message. They are also asking you to sign in using a different email, which is really weird.

if your email is working on your phone / tablet then I would sit tight and do nothing for a while. It looks like a Friday morning VCU  (Virgin C**k Up)

Same thing . can reset password   ..... three times still no joy , wierdly can access via mobile phone but i need the emails on computer due to excel downloads required.


Seems to be happening more and more