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Incoming emails not arriving since this morning.

Dialled in

Since sometime earlier today a couple of us have not been receiving email on out Virgin accounts.  We use IMAP and are not receiving any errors, just no emails.

Is there something wrong with Virgin's email delivery today?


Knows their stuff

Also here to. No emails since 9am this morning?? 

Have sent 3 from other accounts, (Gmail, talk talk,, and a works one), yet nothing arrived here, 4 hours after being sent ??


Vm been 'hacked' again perhaps ??

Mine took around 10 minutes to arrive but did in the end. 

I'm not a Very Insightful Person (just a little bit, sometimes). I don't work for Virgin Media (but then nor do any of the offshore customer service agents).

Dialled in

I'm getting a very small number of emails, most I'm expecting are still not getting through and it's been nearly 24 hours now.

There are a number of other posts saying the same thing, surely VM must know what is going on.  Their Service Status says there isn't a problem, surely they have someone monitoring so how can they not see this is happening.

Same here, nothing I'm expecting is getting through. Got a reply from this forum on another thread I started though that has been the only one today. I'm expecting around 6 emails... 

Fibre optic

I have not received a single email since yesterday on my NTLWorld account. I've sent a few test emails to myself, but none have been received, neither via an email client on my PC, nor Virgin's webmail.

I can still send email and it gets sent as normal, but I'm not receiving anything.

Knows their stuff

Interesting to note...nobody from VM has bothered to reply?? 

Obviously not interested,, as usual! 

They 'wait' a week, to see if the problem magically 'sorts itself out' before venturing any sort of response, then ask, 'have you tried another browser, or PC, or, or, or, hopefully.........

VERY quick to take their money, but  VERY  S...L...O...W  to fix any problems.

Dialled in

Update Wednesday evening, this has been ongoing since Tuesday morning.  A very small number of email had come through, probably well under 5% and some of those had been delayed by some time.  There are some I've not received, so that's about 36 hours delay so far.

I called Virgin and got passed through four different departments, all checking I can see my inbox etc etc and showing very little understanding of what the problem was.  I appreciate that they need to run through the basics but I was very clear walking through that it wasn't an authentication type problem. That was all they did for the first 90 minutes of the call.

Some test emails were sent and those sent from within Virgin seemed to take between 1 and 5 minutes to be delivered.  A couple of external tests also came through within a few minutes.  One email arrived which was sent more that 24 hours earlier.

Looking at the email headers the delay is with the cluster of mx??? SMTP servers accepting incoming emails.  The 24 hour delayed email was through mx12 for example.

Eventually she said there is a delay on emails and apologised.  I've no idea if she did find that out or just to get rid of me, but she said she's raising a complaint as I did express my displeasure that surely their IT department should be able to see this and also show it on the server status.

She couldn't say when it will be fixed.

Knows their stuff

'She couldn't say when it will be fixed.'

Well perhaps we should reply 

'Well, we cant say when we will pay our bill when it comes in next' 

As mentioned yesterday, Nobody from the 'staff' has bothered to pick this up... Not really interested, are they??

I have now had 'some' emails come through from Tuesday, but not all of them. (It's Thursday today, so 2 days late!)

but still missing others... 

Trustpilots reviews say it all basically!!

Alessandro Volta

Surely you must have realised by now that VM want to get rid of their email service.

They stopped issuing new email addresses two years ago. The frequent faults and lack of response to them show that they would rather users go away and use different email. 

Now you even have to use non VM email for your main account, so that when VM email fails or is permanently closed you will still be within reach.

Do yourself a favour and start moving your contacts across to your non VM email while you still can. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.