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Email won’t send on virgin Wi-Fi IP blocked?

Tuning in


I’m having continued issues with our virgin media WiFi IP and being able to send emails from my iPhone (3rd party app). Get the error of an issue with the SMTP server - there isn’t one, as it works on 4g and webmail. 
key facts and testing: 

  • The webmail client works fine. Send and receive on WiFi. 
  • Emails will send when not on the virgin WiFi network from phone Mail or outlook app. 
  • emails send when on mobile data 4g from phone Mail app, or outlook app. 

This suggests there is a security setting by virgin on my WiFi connection stopping their own servers sending emails from their email accounts.  How can I get my IP changed to a new one or the current one unblocked so I can use my NTLworld mail account properly?

I see others having similar issues and I haven’t god the time to spend 2 hours being passed around India L1 support teams, so a direct answer from the VM forum tech team is requested. 



I get nothing like either of the above running that script.

The error code that Outlook shows when e-mails are failing states that it's been blocked by Virgin 

"Virgin media has blocked your connecting IP (then the IP number is given). Too many bad e-mails have been sent. Visit Section: Sending Errors to request delisting".

I can't enter anything into the report form, even after checking Java script is all OK. Apparently though, the form just results in referral to Gadget Support who charge a monthly fee to fix it.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Does the following not work:

  • go to :
  • select Email Sending Errors from drop down list
  • Other from drop down list
  • copy and paste the error message into  Log evidence field
  • enter your name into My name field
  • enter email address into Email address field
  • select Submit button

    NB: the form data goes to Virgin Media as they are the only ones who can resolve this issue

Hopefully de-listing will occur sooner rather than later but if not post back here to have the issue flagged to the forum team.

Also consider following the advice here My Virgin Media account has been hacked.

The form didn't allow me to attach any of the required evidence in the box, even having checked Java Script is enabled etc. Tried that before going down the Tech Support route.

Your prompt gave me the thought of trying a different browser though and it worked this time. Fingers crossed.

Just adding to this thread - the fix was sorted using the form as noted above.

  • go to :
  • select Email Sending Errors from drop down list
  • Other from drop down list
  • copy and paste the error message into  Log evidence field
  • enter your name into My name field
  • enter email address into Email address field
  • select Submit button

Don’t get gadget support. You don’t need that.

you unfortunately need to raise a formal complaint to get through to their senior technical support team. 

at the moment I still don’t have an update, or much progress.

But the facts are still true:

- smtp error on outlook or Apple Mail when using my home WiFi 

- switch WiFi off and use mobile 4g (EE) no smtp error and Mail send

- ip is still listed on the issues list - can check your IP here (Google ‘what’s my IP’ if you don’t know why it is)

it’s a virgin service issue unfortunately, if you’ve already followed all steps to set up your 3rd party app key for your virgin email account, then this is the issue which remains. 

I will update IF I ever get any real support from virgin…. The support certainly isn’t turbocharged, like your ad campaigns. 😞