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Customer Services Email Contact

Can someone please provide a email contact for customer services. Whats the point is sending out letters with no contact details to prevent you replying?

flyal4 by On our wavelength
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Confirm ID of Door Salesman

Today a door salesman turned up to discuss Virgin Media. His offers were exceptional, far better than anything posted online, and he made a very good case. I hope he is legit, but is there someone I can privately message to confirm his legitimacy? Di...

Torig91 by Just joined
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Virgin Media Employee with Vans keep hogging up spaces

I've got two employees living in our street and they both are two car families with an additional VM van each. My question is why can't VM park their vans at their own property overnight and employees can travel and park their cars there and take the...

Resolved! End of contract price increase

Virgin media end of contract in February 2024 price going up from £49 per month to £100 per month what can i do about this 100% increase

CyBett by Joining in
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are all posts the same lol

bizarre forum;\ it just seems virgin do what they want price wise ie mine just went up 45% no notice etc.having read on here it seems pointless because no one ever receives answers etc i cant stop laughing at some of the queries lol 

patier by Tuning in
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if you leave and join again do you get the new rate or does t go off the address 

patier by Tuning in
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Can't Post to Phone Switchover Forum

I'm trying to post my 2ps worth of comment on the Phone Switchover Forum, but just get No Entry sign!I am signed in (I'm posting this as proof). Any idea what's going on?

blarnnie by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Virgin lack loyalty to long term customers

Hi, I'm new to this forum, but appreciating some guidance.I've been a customer of NTL and now Virgin for over 20 years.We use broadband (we have M250) and phone (which is not really used any more), and we have no TV packages.I recently have noticed w...

dragoon by Joining in
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