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Received a letter stating my broadband was increasing. I was leaving them last year and received a call stating they would give a good deal, which only lasted 6 months (JOKE). Now is going up again. Will cancel once my contract is finished next year ...

Official : VM most complained-about says Ofcom

Virgin Media was the most complained about broadband, landline and pay-TV provider, seeing significant rises across all these areas from the previous quarter. Customers’ complaints were mainly driven by how their complaints were being handled.The num...

1 gig of nothing

I’ve been with Virgin since 2016 and never had an issue with the internet. Since upgrading in 2022 we have had nothing since.I have the guaranteed volt that should kick in when the internet is down but it’s always an ‘intermittent issue’ - when the v...

sipos by Joining in
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VM customer support

To those who are unhappy with VM's  customer support and hoping that it might be improved, prepare for disappointment. VMO2's chief executive  Lutz Schüler was quoted in yesterday's Sunday Times "VMO2 employs far fewer staff, 19,000, partly because i...

jpeg1 by Alessandro Volta
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No support available in ireland

No support in ireland for broadband. Please do something about your irish division.-no community forum-no response via twitter-no responce via whatsapp-1 hour q on phone-broken website - a good example is 'setup direct debit' - doesnt work / hangs / ...

ctgarvey by Just joined
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Letter re late direct debit

I received a letter this morning advising me that the recent payment to my account took longer than normal to reach them because the reference number quoted was incorrect. I pay by direct debit (and have for years), so they must have got something wr...

patb63 by Joining in
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Sales Team 0800 183 6408

I keep getting a call from the sales team which I don't mind as I'm due to renew my deal soon anyway so interested in what they are offering but as soon as I confirm my address to them they hang up.  Does this mean they have no better deal for me or ...

Liklihood of getting a better deal

We're on the volt package at the minute (whatever the one is that has the sky sports, movies, extra TV box, 02 sim etc).We only got it for the 1G fiber to be honest as it took a long time for it to be installed in our street and it was apparently the...

m1aroo by Joining in
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