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Package installation text

Hi, signed up to virgin. Phone , bb and tv. Received a text with a link to follow to chat about the property set up prior to installationI've followed the link but the page it takes me to has no chat facility or hyperlinks to follow.    

Royley by Joining in
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Old pension

Trying to find a pension I would have had when working for VM from 2002 to 2013. Cannot find a contact number for HR or address anywhere. Just need to know who the pension provider was that was with. 

TT8 by Joining in
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O2 Priority rewards

I have had a problem with O2 rewards, I managed to get an entry for the Odeon cinema tickets today, buy when I clicked on USE NOW it simply would not issue a ticket. I forgot to do it last week. But was really disappointed that it glitched and would ...

Panda99 by On our wavelength
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Does Virgin have outage protection?

Hi All,Not sure which board to post this on.I'm currently with BT and our area has just been connected to Virgin Media.The only reason i'm with them is because I have their Halo product which activates a 5G mobile wireless hotspot if the internet dro...

contract renewal

hi,contract runs out in 2 weeks but when i go on the app it says-sorry no upgrade plans available,please try one of our other upgrade options-there are no other options,i'm on sim only for past 2 years,is their live chat thing still just bots?cheers

arza77 by Joining in
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Virgin really are hopeless.I agree to extend my contract subject to being sent a hub5  - customer service says that I can receive in 4-5 days.The relationship team then process the order and agree to add a note that the faults team can access - I hav...

David731 by Joining in
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Sky sports premier league on laptop

Hi, trying to watch Chelsea v Man City on sky sports web site . It keeps stopping & pixelated & audio out of sync. Just done a speed test with my mobile on WiFi next to laptop it shows 372 MB. Where is the picture/ audio being slowed down ?. Any idea...


Virgin mobile not offering eSIM you would think they would jump at the chance to save the planet from all that plastic The True Environmental Cost of SIM Cardswe produced 380 million tonnes of plastic in 2020.Within those 380 million tons 4.5 billion...

sirfon by Joining in
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