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Any way to change the layout of this new "improved" forum to be anything near what it was previously. After logging in I can't help but think they want the community to stop using the forums. When did these changes happen, ugh.

Resolved! Thinking of Leaving

Hi,I've just spent a few wasted hours on the phone and chat about the possibility of getting my broadband and Sim package reduced to the price I was paying last month.The best they could offer was £43 a month for Broadband and sim with 02.I currently...

VM blatantly breaching Ofcom Code on compensation

I have found it to be increasingly common practice on this forum for VM to seek to wriggle out of its binding obligations to pay customers automatic compensation where it is clearly due.It does this with sneaky offers of miniscule "goodwill gestures"...


Will the technician call me when he’s on his way to my house to connect the internet incase I’m not in 

Maxine73 by Joining in
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Resolved! Impact of contract length vs upgrade

I'm on an 18 month contract.Have 350gb and was thinking about upgrading to 1gb.If I do this does it:Extend my contract for another 18 months at 1gb which is another £13 on top of my current £32.Or will I pay the £43 until my current contract runs out...

Trials section

Just thought I’d have a check, as I do every so often if there were any trials going on/about to go on in the “Trials” section of the forum.however after having a good look around the section has disappeared since the forum upgrade…where’s it gone?

Bad Line?

Firstly how annoying to HAVE to select a board without "other" there, so I've just had to choose Community natter? Secondly  when a call comes from Virgin media why is the line so dreadfully appalling ?  It's rather ironic. considering the nature of ...

Ultimate Volt no longer most expensive VM package

That honour now goes to... Biggest TV for £87 per month (£2 more than Ultimate Volt for new customers) which includes M125 Fibre Broadband, 200+ TV channels including Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and Paramount+ as well. as weekend chatter.It does co...