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What Are You Playing Right Now?

I've been a veteran of Gaming for many years now and seen it come from slow loading tapes like the BBC Micro (Which was released before I was born ) through the console wars of Megadrive vs SNES to Playstation vs Xbox to the modern day.  So what are ...

John_G by Moderator (Retired)
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Went to watch Discovery + via the Amazon App on my box only to be told that i can't watch it via the device anymore. 

MrsM1 by Tuning in
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noip2 not returning web address

HelloJust switched from Sky to Virgin I,m having trouble with getting noip2 to connect to my web name, noip2 shows my ext ip as registered, but can not connect via web name, using ext ip I can access the website. I have forward the ports I need, Hope...

spiky by Tuning in
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Old NTL boxes

Hi I am having my house repointed next month and have an old NTL external box and two internal. I have lived in the property for over 10 years and haven’t used these for internet provider and unlikely to do so (the brown boxes is hanging off the wall...

Sic573 by Joining in
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What are you paying for 132mb download speed?

Hi guys, I am currently paying £26.50 for broadband and phone (i dont use the phone but told this was needed to get the price down). End of contract on the 15th June so I asked whats the best price they said £32 which seems steep for a 18th month con...

r1esler by Joining in
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Resolved! Programming V6 remote to control av amp

Hi everyone, any help appreciated on this, I am upgrading next week TiVo to V6, some years ago I managed to sort my TiVo remote to control my Denon av amp volume but cannot remember how I did it. Hopefully someone on here will have a better memory th...

Ashburnian by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Yet more email problems

Hello I started out with cable and wireless then NTLWorld and now Virgin Media so I've been around for a while. I don't use a smart phone and access my email using outlook on a PC at home.If I'm travelling I will use email via the virgin media home p...

Virgin's inflexibility with pricing for loyal customers

I've been with VM for around 20 years, and every contract renewal have a similar conversation about pricing for existing customers and why they continue to penalise me over new customers.This year I wanted to drop my landline (it's not a landline any...

rogersbuk by On our wavelength
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Samsung TV display setting

The display on my Samsung QLED tv sometimes looks matt when viewing my Virgin 360 tv box.What is best setting on tv to make display appear gloss? 

phammond2 by On our wavelength
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