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fibre phone

when you force me later to have fibre phone line will i get a discount. i ask as it would mean the hub would be on all the time there by adding to the electric bill. but i wont hold me breathe on that

Early disconnection fee

I'm considering switching to another ISP.In March I emailed "Daniel Potts" and my monthly bill was reduced from £80 to £40 per month for same service, but had to sign an 18-month contract. Since then, it has mostly been off than on.A neighbour has re...

mrg9999 by On our wavelength
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Not calling back ad promised

Was speaking to a girl called Amy from virgin media renewal team at the end of the call she said she would call me back next day at 5pm thst was Tuesdsy and still waiting Tried live chat the following night and had to give up waiting after 90 mins. c...

I'm getting daily sales calls from VM

This is getting annoying. VM are phoning me daily to try and sell me something, I'm not sure what it is because they either get cut off, or call me when I'm driving on the motorway, or promise to email the offer and not do so.Could a staff member ple...

tonyw2 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Do virgin media have permission to dig up my lawn??

There's a virgin media manhole in my front garden..every time they need to access it for maintenance they dig up my grass and leave a big hole. Can they keep doing this without my permission? Can't they move the man hole to the pavement at the front ...

Claire51 by Joining in
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Resolved! Haven't received a email about the recent price increase

I recently saw the news about the price increase emails that's going around and someone else I know has received that same email the other day, but the account holder who i live with hasn't received that email is it rolling out or something?

Jaden1 by Tuning in
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