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virgin media engineer harassing us please help

hi please could anyone advice. there is nuisance neighbor who works for virgin media he has a virgin media car. he doesn't live in the street as he has girlfriend and lives with her but he has been using his car to harass us, he has in public town sl...

Third party VOIP with VM

I got so ticked off with VM, I decided to minimise my exposure to them. So I now have just broadband with them. We need a landline, so I have a Vonage VOIP box attached. It has worked great, cheaper and better than VMs offering. For example My mobile...

maxim9 by Joining in
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Have spent 2days trying to get in contact with virgin media my  contract is coming to end coming was actually thinking of renewing with them .this is a joke 

Cath45 by Joining in
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Locked out of account please help

Hi, my husband is locked out of his account. He is trying to go through the steps to retrieve it and reset his password but it is not working. It keeps saying 'oops we have run into a problem'.  We can't find a number to phone or any way of getting h...

ACS_XXXX by Joining in
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Rate my renewal and how I should proceed

My current deal ends beginning of November. I have the top volt package (all movies, sports, 2 boxes, 1gig speed etc).I’m paying £65pm plus £25pm o2. They have offered me the same deal for £75pm. I’m assuming my o2 contract won’t have any fixed term ...

rujur6 by Joining in
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Resolved! Why dont we have discovery plus?

why dont we have discovery plus. My hubby watches MotoGP,  24hr le mann, bsb, wsb, on euro or btsport, without discovery plus he only get to see highlights of some races...

Rippley10 by Joining in
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Resolved! Cancellation

How do I cancel my contract! Been on this call for 1 hour and they are trying every tactic. Now using the stalling technique.  INJUST WANT TO CANCEL MY CONTRACT 

vickihmc by Joining in
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Resolved! How do you move from Virgin Media to another provider?

Hi all, I have been with VM since the 90's when they took over NTL world.Over the years my bill for VM has gone up and up and up, I contacted them and have their basic package, but even that's too much now.So I decided it would be cheaper to buy a ne...

kmc1965 by Joining in
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Returning Virgin equipment when moving country?

I was hoping to cancel my contract 30 days from now and send back the equipment (router) on the day after it ends, right when I leave the country.They told me they can only book the equipment collection slot at least 15 days AFTER the contract has en...

b1onny by Joining in
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