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What Are You Playing Right Now?

I've been a veteran of Gaming for many years now and seen it come from slow loading tapes like the BBC Micro (Which was released before I was born ) through the console wars of Megadrive vs SNES to Playstation vs Xbox to the modern day.  So what are ...

John_G by Moderator (Retired)
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Check your contracts for additional fees!!

I have had to raise a complaint with the communications ombudsman today after weeks of getting nowhere with Virgin Media directly. I strongly recommend that people check their contracts as there were additional charges added to my contract after it h...

Mike219 by Tuning in
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Just had a call from 016343837xx purporting to be from VM. The line was awful which was a giveaway but I got scammed in December at a cost of a £2000+ by a similar scam ie "is your broadband slow etc etc" and some calls are now laughably bad. Is ther...

house repossession

Any one know despite Virgin signing up to the Gov "no repossession for 1 year scheme" can i still be reposssed in the house goes on the market tommorrow . im 6 months in arrears and can no longer make the increased payments but have over...

Planning ahead to 2025 popup on website

The Virgin Media website on Android is currently unusable as there is a popup with the title Planning ahead to 2025 covering the screen with no way to close it.  I've tried clicking the link and button on the popup to try and get rid of it but it jus...

Waldy by On our wavelength
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When did Virgin Media remove the link to this website and why?It has taken me quite some time to get here so I'll keep my question brief.Have the "new" arrangements been made to deter us from asking questions?O2 seem to have taken over.

Bryzza by Dialled in
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Ofcom Automatic Compensation Rates Increase

The amount you should expect VM to pay out for delayed installation, total loss of service, and missed engineer appointments has just gone up. See

Cant get on to live chat

So I have tried various different browsers and all that happens when I click the link is nothing tried refreshing the page nothing any advice only happening on the virgin site as all other  chats have been ok, strange thing is it sort of works on my ...

Jonta by Joining in
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Resolved! Stay or go to sky?

I'm near end of contract so looking at what to do next. I have volt 125mb broadband and basic TV. Currently it £35, but to stay its £40 - £43 (after April hike). Sky have a 61mb broadband and basic TV for £37. Is there any real reason not to move?

Kush123 by Tuning in
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