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What are you watching now?


I'm off to continue watching Marco Polo.... Now up to season 1 episode 4 on NetFlix  kos.gif

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Windmills Of Your Mind by Dusty Springfield

@Buffer6 wrote:

I was just now browsing around to see if I could find any gifs for thread hijacking










Did you find any?

It's What I Do.
I Drink and I
Remember Things.

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@ Sololobo... Yes found another kos.gif

thread hijack.jpeg

Singularity Computers Client Build 20 'Event Horizon' Build Log: Part 1

Exploring an Abandoned Dream Mansion - Ontario Canada


Alessandro Volta

Gabriela Robin - Cats On Mars


Nothing in particular but The Chase is on in the background (a catch up episode as don't watch live TV) but I have been catching up on some films recently.  These include the most recent 2 Star Trek films, and the 2nd & third Harold & Kumar films.  Sorting through some to start watching tonight with some chocolates 🙂


Free Energy From Radio Waves.