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Tuning in

had virgin fitted well over a month ago and still no free gift of an xbox . could anyone at virgin please help . any help would be much appreciated 


Joining in

I had my virgin installed 2/05/2023 and still haven't receive my xbox can anyone advise weather they received there's at all 


I received mine after about six months, I had to follow it up a few times, but someone on this forum sorted it out for me. 

Joining in

I wish I had my virgin installed a year ago and I have contacted them countless times either by phone and WhatsApp and have messages and emails etc to prove, they've fobbed me off time and time again even after emails to a manager. Makes me laugh because I've just seem them offering the same deal or £200 bill credit, yet I've got all the emails from virgin media stating the free gift but nothing. So annoyed and thinking of leaving them.