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Volt benefits only applied to one phone line

Joining in

I shall attempt to condense conversations I've had with O2 in regard to Volt benefits only being applied to one of the phone lines on our account.

I needed to manually request Volt benefits via the O2 app as our (Myself and wife) broadband was set up in my name (Peter) and Phones set up in her name (Katrina).

When this was processed the Volt benefits were only applied to one of the phone lines (my wife's). Between myself and wife we have spent many days trying to resolve the issue with O2. It seemed that O2 finally understood the issue and would apply the benefit to my phone line. Unfortunately they have passed this to Virgin who have emailed me, but don't seem to have been sent all the conversations we've had with O2.

I have tried to reply to Virgin's email, but it does accept replies. Virgin's Twitter/X won't accept DMs and I've not found a way to contact Virgin on their website. So I'm hoping someone can advise/help here.

The email I received from Virgin, in brief, states that they confirm that our account is eligible for Volt benefits (this wasn't at question), that benefits will be applied automatically within 14 days (hasn't happened due to different first names on Virgin and O2 accounts) and finally that if this doesn't happen automatically I should request it via My02 (It is impossible for me to request Volt via My 02 as it states we already have it. MyO2 does not realise that it has only been applied to one of the phone numbers.)

Please advise how I can request for someone at Virgin to apply the benefits manually.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Gilders 👋 welcome back to the community! Thank you for posting. 

Sorry to hear you have been having some difficulties with your VOLT benefits. It should be the case that as long as both mobile accounts are registered to the correct address, and you have activated VOLT benefits via your My O2 account, that they should be applied. 

You have mentioned that My O2 lists that VOLT benefits are already applied via the My O2 accounts for both numbers - can we just check what it is that leads you to believe this is not the case?

Did O2 advise why you would need our support with this if the benefits are missing on the O2 side of things?

Thanks for your patience whilst we offer help and guidance. All the best!



Joining in

Hi Molly,

Thank you very much for replying. We (myself and wife) have been taking turns in trying to resolve this issue for a long time and we are running out of time (i.e. we need the O2 Travel benefit which comes with Volt).

You wrote "You have mentioned that My O2 lists that VOLT benefits are already applied via the My O2 accounts for both numbers - can we just check what it is that leads you to believe this is not the case?"

I'm sorry if I was unclear. It's hard to be clear about what appears on MyO2's website as there's a lot of stuff on there. Firstly, I'll explain the basics of our problem - Volt O2 benefits have only been applied to one the the phone lines on this account. Unfortunately, the phone line that hasn't had Volt benefits applied is the phone that we will be taking to the US soon.

If we login to the account, the first drop down tab is "My O2". The second tab shows one of the phone numbers for this account (it's the number that has had benefits applied). I can check various things, like bills, etc and if I click "Home" I can see that my data has been doubled for THIS number (i.e. VOLT has been applied).

The reason I know VOLT hasn't been applied to second phone line/number - If I click on the second tab, both phone numbers are displayed. If I select the second phone number and the click "Home" I see that my data has not been doubled (I.e. VOLT not applied to this phone number). Further to this, if I click on "View Allowance", it states "This allowance is made up of the following - 10GB Data allowance". If I repeat this with the first phone number, it states "This allowance is made up of the following - 10GB Data allowance and 10GB Bonus Data"

Probably the most obvious reason I know it has not been applied to the second phone number is the confirmation email I received -

We've got your order: NC35478496
Order number: NC35478496
Your details
Name: XXXX
Email: XXXX
Track the progress of your changes in My O2
Changes you’ve made  
ItemMonthly ChargeUpfront Charge
Modify order : XXXX  
Airtime plan 10GB, Unlimited UK Minutes, Unlimited UK Texts, monthly contract  
Added Bolt on : Volt O2 Travel Inclusive Zone  
Added Bolt on : 10GB Volt Double Data Boost

The XXX's are my personal details that I've deleted. In box "Modify order" only one of the phone numbers are listed here. But just to confirm, only one of the phone numbers appear here (i.e. the one that has had VOLT benefits applied.

If I try to request VOLT benefits online, i.e. whilst I have the second tab showing the phone number that doesn't have VOLT applied, I get the message that "You're all signed up". Clearly the website "knows" that VOLT has already been applied to the ACCOUNT but doesn't realise that it isn't applied to both lines. All this issues mentioned on the website occur when using App as well.

You wrote, "Did O2 advise why you would need our support with this if the benefits are missing on the O2 side of things?"

No they did not advise that I'd need your support. After many Twitter/X DMs and me referring them to the above email and reference number, I thought that it was going to be resolved. The last message I received from O2 was-

"Thanks for the info. We've raised the request to have VOLT benefits on mobile number ending 1680 and this will take up to 14 days. We appreciate your patience."

The reason I am contacting you (Virgin) is because soon after the above message, I received an email from Virgin-

Your Volt Benefits (KMM107487174V18762L0KM)


Following your recent query about Volt benefits, our O2 colleagues have passed your query to us to investigate. We’ve made some checks and can confirm that your account is eligible for Volt benefits.

What’s changing?

We’ve updated your account to confirm your eligibility. It can take up to 14 days for your benefits to be applied to your account automatically. However in some circumstances you may need to enrol via My O2 to get started with your benefits.

Enrolling for benefits is easy to do. Simply visit and supercharge your world with Volt.

Kind regards,

The Virgin Media team

Reference number for the Virgin email - 

So I am back to square one with been advised to do something that is impossible - "enrol via MyO2"😩

I really don't know why O2 have passed this on to you guys at Virgin. I've never mentioned anything to do with the broadband boost as I believe I'm not eligible as I'm already receiving 1GB broadband.

Thank you for your help. I wish the team at O2 understood how stressful this can be on the customers end. It seems very simple to me - Please apply the VOLT benefit I'm entitled to, to the line that hasn't received it. And that I cannot process myself.

Hi gliders, 

Thanks for coming back and explaining things in such detail. 

As you're on a 1GB connection, you're right in thinking you wouldn't be eligible for a broadband boost however as the issue you're having is relating to having the Volt Benefits on your O2 SIM, this would need to be re-raised with them I'm afraid. 

It's best to speak to an agent so they can understand you're missing the Volt benefits from one of your numbers. They should then be able to manually apply them. You can contact them on 202 from your handset or 0344 809 0202. 

Apologies once again and fingers crossed they'll be able to help. 


Forum Team

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