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O2 Sim not received, O2 & Virgin dont want to know

Joining in

I am absolutely sick to death of both O2 and Virgin today, I signed a new virgin media package on the 7th March 2024 which was broadband, TV package and an O2 sim for £5 per month. The offer was over WhatsApp so I have proof of the offer.


My bank details were taken by virgin but no sim was sent out, called again today, they took my bank details again, but said he will send a sim but then decided he couldn't do it.


Today I have called both O2 and virgin and both are playing games with me, transferring the call to each other, I've asked Virgin if I can speak with a manager twice so then they decided to transfer me to O2 instead of a manager, this happened twice. I ask O2 to speak with a manager, they send me back to Virgin, brilliant service from both.


O2 say they don't know what deal I have agreed but they can offer me the same package for £10 per month. 


Virgin say they can't send a sim card and I need to speak with O2, does either company have a clue? Regretting signing up with both companies currently because agents I've spoke to have been shocking.


Anyone had any success with this or do I just forget about the sim?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @JhR2011 

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Sorry to hear that you've not received your SIM and have been passed around by the teams., that is certainly not the level of support we aim to provide, so is disappointing to hear. 

Have you received a contract confirmation with your Virgin Media contract regarding the SIM at all?

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent