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Issue with volt and co tract renewal

Joining in

Je ne suis pas diabétique, mais je suis très à risque puisque la plupart des membres de ma famille sont diabétiques. J'aimerais acheter l'un de ces appareils, mais je suis curieux de savoir comment fonctionne le prix que vous payez. Quel est le prix de l'appareil ou des forfaits et à quelle fréquence sont-ils payés ? Toute idée est utile. Merci d'avance.
Hi all,

Does this sound right to you, so I was a 500mb customer then I got upgraded to 1gb through volt. I'm paying £58.40

Contract up soon and they are saying they'll match it.. got into it a bit, as they are saying I'm a 1gb customer, I was like no you should be offering me contracts on 500mb, and the 1gb was due to me being with 02.

They're not having it, saying they get what I mean when I say ill be shafted as they'll be offering me deals on 1gb broadband, even though im only on that because of volt.

To me I should be offered deals on 500mb, and o2 boost it to the next level for me being with them, if that makes sense.

I stated I'm paying more now for 1gb net than what's on your website and it should be 500mb.

Legit thinking of dumping vm as the customer service is always annoying, worst case is I lose my double data on my phone I don't use.

Anyone else having the issue with volt come contract renewal putting you I

A more expensive category?