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Contract renewal offer - will my discounts renew?

Tuning in

Hi all,

So this is my current package:


As you can see my discounts are due to end in September.

So I had a look at the £4 speed upgrade offer:


This appears to suggest that my discounts will also renew for 18 months.

Can anyone confirm this? I don't want to sign up for another 18 months only to have my discounts still end on September!



Super solver

That's how I would read it but a few points: 1. Would you really notice the speed upgrade? These offers play on impulse. 2. Continue to screenshot every stage of the order if you decide to continue. 3. Expect the unexpected with your completed order with VM denying all knowledge of it (or acknowledging it but saying it's expired or you are not eligible or the cat ate it) and inviting you to apply for a more expensive contract instead. 4. Sleep on it. 5. Use your 14 day cooling off period if you get buyer's regret (although here I think you would lose your discount). 6. How did you wrangle an £11.96 contract in the first place?

Tbh in this rare and isolated case it might just be worth all of the above to lock in your stonking discount for 18 months.

Let us know how you get on. 

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Thanks for the reply.

I almost definitely won't notice the speed difference - but it'll cost more to keep my current speed when the discounts expires.

I'll be sure to keep records throughout - but still hoping one of the VM forum staff will confirm.

I can't quite remember how I got that price, it was something to do with Volt just starting and my O2 contract being re-negotiated


I'd say it's a totally new contract with new discounts.

Hi @BenSampson 👋

Welcome back to the Community Forums. 

Thanks for getting in touch and for your interest in upgrading your speed. 

Yes, any changes to your services would mean a new contract agreement, so upgrading and downgrading your package speed would need to agree a new contract. 

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Forum Team

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